Lieutenant Allen Jones

Chief Intelligence Officer


Allen Jones grew up in the rural town in Georgia. His childhood was rather normal for a child of such upbringing, with no unusual happenings occurring for most of his first 17 years of life. While he spent a good majority of his time playing sports, and otherwise building his body, AJ also spent a good portion of his time in libraries, studying Earth history, mainly the history of Earth wars.

During his four years at Starfleet Academy, Allen showed remarkable skill for managing personnel and planning battle strategies. His leadership skills were surprisingly developed for someone so young, and his ability to garner results from anyone he was placed with was the subject of much admiration.

Upon leaving the Academy, Ensign Jones was given, and subsequently accepted a position on a Starfleet Intelligence Team that would soon change his life. Then Commander Brian Gentry saw potential in the fresh faced young Ensign because of his superior ability to garner trust and information from people he came into contact with. Ensign Jones’s first assignment was as an Intelligence Officer, a position that gave him broad experiences and contact with virtually all the members of the large intelligence team. After a few years serving as an Intel officer, Ensign Jones requested that he be transferred to an area where he would gain a much more useful set of skills to aid him in his mission.

His request was granted in the form of Weapons and Demolitions Expert, where he spent several months training with some of the best operatives in the field. Because of his desire to learn, Ltjg Jones mastered most of what he was taught, though his level of competence began to fall off after he was exposed to the most complicated and hard to master weapons and explosives. This did not diminish his effectiveness, however, and he went on to serve in the post with remarkable flair and style. Several notable, though classified engagements with Federation enemies saw the inventive use of explosives not only to distract and confound the enemy, but to aid the team in the completion of their missions, something that greatly impressed Captain Gentry.

His next transfer was one that now LTjg Jones never asked for. Because of his undisputed mastery of all things destructive, Capt. Gentry decided to test Ltjg Jones’s ability to use stealth and cunning to get a job done, rather than brute force and a hail of weapons fire. Such a complete shift in roles was indeed a challenge for him, and though he would later succeed in mastering even that, his early attempts proved less than masterful. His first mission as an Infiltration Expert proved too much for his limited experience with the covert world. In the midst of a rather important and highly classified mission, Ltjg Jones inadvertently destroyed a power distribution network, causing himself and several team members to be discovered and captured after a lengthy battle against superior numbers. Thankfully a rescue operation swiftly spirited them away before their existence could be made public and their entire mission compromised. Subsequent missions proved far more successful, and Ltjg Jones’s exploits soon earned him a promotion to full Lieutenant.

A year after his promotion to Lieutenant, Lt. Jones found himself taking on a role that he, in his mind, had been born to fulfill, that of Chief Intelligence Officer. His prowess for planning and effectively utilizing the strengths of the individual members of a team to execute nearly flawless missions within enemy territory earned him much respect among his peers and superiors. At the end of his third year as the Chief Intelligence Officer, the Intelligence Team found themselves faced with a tragic loss. On a mission to infiltrate a Romulan outpost suspected of making raids on Federation holdings near the Neutral Zone, the team’s Executive Officer was discovered, savagely tortured, and put to death. This sent shock waves through the team, and morale was crippled for months.

The news suddenly reached Lieutenant Jones that he would be filling in as the Executive Officer until a suitable candidate was found. Such news seemed to instantly stave off the tide of poor morale, though he did very little in the way of run the team as his duties as a strategist took up most of his time. After the units safe return from deployment Lieutenant Jones was named Chief Intelligence Officer and reassigned to the USS Standing Bear