Commander Amelia Tandy

Amelia is a tough girl with a soft side. Since she grew up with just her older brother around most of the time, she tends to be a bit on the tom boy side. Her parents were never around, so she was basically raised by her brother. Amelia tends to do things her own way and not play by the book. She makes her own rules as she goes, but doesn’t try to enforce them unless absolutely necessary, especially if dealing with someone above her own rank. Amelia may be tough, but when she is taking care of a patient, she’s always gentle and kind.


Personal Information

Marital Status: Married

Mother: Lana Marie Tandy, estranged

Father: Eric James Tandy, estranged

Sisters:  none

Brothers: Byron James Tandy, 47, deceased

Spouse: Captain T’Val

Son(s): none

Daughter: Sabrina Tandy, 3



Amelia Lynn Tandy was born on September 13, 2351. The second, and last child of Lana Marie and Eric James Tandy. She was born exactly 9 years and 2 days after her brother, Byron James. She was a “mistake” and her parents let her know that quite often. Byron, though, loved his little sister, and was glad to have her around.

Amelia’s parents had unrealistically high expectations for their daughter, to which she obviously did not stand up. When she would get a good grade in school, her parents told her she should have gotten higher. This usually perplexed both Amelia and Byron.

When she turned 17, Amelia moved to British Columbia, Canada, with Byron, in order to put as much distance as she could between her and her parents. Byron chose to move there in search of a better life, away from their parents, and his ex wife. He encouraged his sister to go to school for medical training.

Following her medical courses at the University of British Columbia, Amelia met and married what seemed to be the man of her dreams during her orientation for residency. He was sweet and caring, everything that a woman would want. Until they were married, that is. Within minutes of entering the hotel room after the reception, her new husband, Doctor Aaron Kyri, became enraged about her behaviour towards him at the reception. She felt that she had done no wrong, but he stated that she spent more time talking and mingling with the guests than being the “perfect” wife, i.e. quiet, standing by her husbands side and only speaking when he says she can.

Within 6 months, Amelia applied for a divorce, stating abuse and adultery. Less than a month later, the divorce was granted, and Aaron arrested and charged with domestic abuse. He was sentenced to a year in prison. Though her personal life was chaos, Amelia excelled at work, proving she was a more than competent doctor. However, the divorce left a sour taste in her mouth and Amelia knew she had to move again.

When Amelia announced that, on a whim, she signed up for Starfleet Academy, her brother nearly fell off his chair. He knew that her divorce had soured her outlook, and that their parents were still bothering her, but didn’t know it was to the extent that she would rather be on a ship somewhere in the galaxy than on the planet. Though saddened by her leaving, Byron encouraged her to follow her dreams, but with the promise that she keep in touch.

Amelia instantly felt happier, and less stressed the moment she stepped into the Academy, knowing that her parents wouldn’t be able to bother any further. She excelled in her courses, quickly moving through the Academy’s medical program. Completing some courses early due to previous training. She graduated in the top 25th percentile of her class. Byron proudly attended her graduation ceremony, overjoyed at how happy his sister was.

Her first assignment was on the USS Carpathian as a medical officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. She thoroughly enjoyed her time on the Carpathian, making many friends and gaining valuable experience. However, when the Carpathian was heavily damaged in battle, Amelia was reassigned due to the inability to save the ship.

She found herself on the USS Dragonstar as a Medical Officer. She quickly fell into the crew’s favour, making fast friends with her commanding officer and executive officer. During her time on the Dragonstar, she was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Then, when the Dragonstar was engaged in battle and the CMO killed in action, she was given a temporary promotion to Chief Medical Officer. When the dust settled, the Dragonstar was beyond repair and mothballed. Amelia transferred to the USS Galaxy with the remaining Dragonstar crew.

During the next few years, Amelia fell in love with her executive officer, T’Val. Eventually she fell pregnant and they decided to marry. Their commanding officer, Commodore Elizabeth Bridger, officiated the ceremony. Shortly after their wedding, Amelia gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Sabrina Lynn.

Around the same time, Commodore Bridger was reassigned and the Galaxy’s future was thrown into turmoil due to some of Bridger’s decisions. Amelia stuck with her crew, but had to be reassigned when T’Val was given command of the Galaxy. Unhappy with the reassignment, but knowing the rules and regulations, Amelia chose to go back to the USS Carpathian, though it was a new ship. Most of the crew she worked with on her original run had also returned, which was part of the draw.

Unfortunately shortly after Amelia moved to the Carpathian, she received word that Byron had been killed in a shuttle accident. She knew he’d been training to be a pilot, but didn’t realize he’d already been flying for a while. He was co-pilot on the day of the crash, working with a pilot who liked to cut corners, which resulted in the shuttle being well over capacity. So when they experienced sudden engine failure, they were unable to coast to a safe landing zone, instead crashing into a mountain side. Devastated, Amelia took leave and stayed on the Galaxy with her only remaining family for a month. There she learned to meditate and clear her mind through the tutelage of T’Val. Once her leave was up, she returned to the Carpathian.

In 2389, Amelia grew tired of being separated from T’Val and wanted him and Sabrina to be able to spend more time together. So, when T’Val announced that he was moving to Faltan Station to be a Task Group Commanding Officer and take over the Commander of the Klingon Theatre position, Amelia immediately began searching for a position that would allow her to move with him. That’s when she saw the Surgeon General for Task Force 93 was available and applied, requesting to be based out of Faltan Station as well.


Service Record

2369 – 2373 University of British Columbia, School of Medicine

2373 – 2374 Year One Resident, Vancouver General Hospital

2374 – 2377 Starfleet Academy, Medical

2377 – 2381 USS Carpathian, Lieutenant JG, Medical Officer

2381 – 2382 USS Dragonstar, Lieutenant JG, Medical Officer and Assistant Medical Officer

2382 – 2386 USS Galaxy, Lieutenant to Commander, Chief Medical Officer

2386 – 2389 USS Carpathian, Commander, Chief Medical Officer

2389 – Current Faltan Station, Task Force 93 Surgeon General (N8)