Commander Sera Covey

Commander Sera Covey is a dedicated woman. First and foremost to her is her family, second is science, third is the Federation. Though, she is thoroughly loyal to all three. She has steadily worked her way up the ranks until, finally, she was able to put her career more in the limelight after her son enrolled in the Academy. Along with her beloved Boston terrier, Wilson, Sera has moved to Providence Fleet Yards to be the Director of Sciences for Task Force 93.


Personal Information

Marital Status: Widowed

Biological Mother: V’Sera

Step-Mother: Miranda Annette Wavern (Nee: Lively)

Father: Jonathan Michael Wavern

Half-Sister(s): Alena Marie Wavern (41)

Half-Brother(s): Michael Vincent Wavern (44)

Spouse: Captain Corbin Covey (52, deceased)

Sons: Cadet Keaton Covey (19)

Daughters: none

Pets: Boston Terrier named Wilson

Personality: Sera is easy going, trusting, and loyal. She is intelligent but doesn’t flaunt it, trying to always be friendly and open to everyone rather than acting like she is above them. Sera is somewhat socially awkward and quiet, however if you get her talking on a topic she loves, she can talk all night.

Appearance: Due to her height, not many people notice Sera until she’s right next to them. Although, once she is noticed, the focus tends to be on the unnaturally blue color of her eyes. Sera’s black hair is usually kept shoulder length, and in a variety of styles. Though she’s been widowed for close to ten years, she still wears her wedding ring. Her husband’s ring hangs on a chain around her neck which is usually kept under her uniform. While on duty, Sera is always in appropriate uniform. When off duty, she prefers simple dresses and comfortable clothes, nothing frilly or outlandish.


Sera Marie Wavern was born on February 13th, 2340 V’Sera and Jonathan Michael Wavern on Benicia Colony. Unfortunately V’Sera died during a long and difficult birth. Broken-hearted, Jonathan took his newborn daughter back to Earth, where he could have the support of his family to raise her. He named his newborn Sera after her mother.

Unable to find a job when he returned to Earth, Jonathan moved in with his parents. By the time Sera was three, he had a stable job in a factory and had found an apartment for the small family. With the new apartment came new neighbors, one of whom, Miranda Lively, caught Jonathan’s eye. At first, Sera didn’t like the new woman, feeling like she was taking her Daddy away. But, Sera eventually came to like Miranda, even eventually considering the woman a mother figure.

With more support, and love, in the household, Jonathan was able to send Sera to a private school. Though she struggled with some aspects of school life, she excelled in others. Shortly after she started at the school, her first half-sibling, a brother named Michael, was born. Three years later, a sister joined the family with the birth of Alena.

When Sera was twelve, Jonathan inherited his parent’s home and the family ranch. Though he now had a great job as a mechanic, he decided to take over the family business. Despite the decrease in income, Sera was able to win a scholarship to her private school based solely on her academic testing scores. She excelled in the sciences and thoroughly enjoyed doing research in the school’s labs. Knowing that she wouldn’t have as exciting a career in the civilian sector, Sera decided to apply to Starfleet Academy when she was of age. It took a bit of convincing to get her parents to understand her desire, but eventually they agreed.

At the Academy, Sera learned just how sheltered she’d been at the private school. To say she was socially awkward was an understatement. But, since she didn’t really like to talk anyway, she didn’t find this much of a hindrance. So she didn’t go out and party, she found enough of her own fun anyway. She did make a few friends, including an operations cadet a few years older than her, named Corbin Covey.

Unfortunately, they lost contact shortly after Corbin graduated and went out on his first assignment. More saddened than she thought she should have been, Sera tried on occasion to contact Corbin, but eventually gave up when she came due to graduate and had to focus more on her studies than on finding lost friends.

Sera’s first assignment was on the USS Valhalla, where she made fewer friends than she normally would. She found the Valhalla crew to be too selective in their decisions on who to include in the “family”. Though she didn’t fit into their family, no one could deny Sera’s dedication to her job and none were surprised when she asked for a reassignment shortly after her first promotion.

Her reassignment was granted, and since she hadn’t requested a specific ship, Sera found herself on the USS Donovan. In her new home, Sera found it much easier to get along with the crew. Though the ship was large, Sera had a chance encounter with a familiar person almost as soon as she stepped through the airlock. Corbin, it turned out, had switched to the intelligence field during his last year at the academy and had been on operations requiring radio silence for the first few years of his career. He figured she’d forgotten about him, and thus hadn’t bothered attempting to reconnect when he was finally assigned to a regular ship.

Unfortunately, after several years working together, Sera and Corbin were separated again. However, not before Corbin asked Sera to marry him. Due to their busy careers, it would be a few years before the pair would be able to marry.

Shortly after she turned 30, Sera gave birth to a son, whom she and Corbin named Keaton. At 37, Sera was able to land a position at Starfleet Headquarters and moved with Keaton back to Earth. Corbin, unfortunately was unable to follow and was killed in action just before he was due to transfer to HQ as well. Devastated, but knowing she had to hold on for Keaton, Sera poured herself into her work whenever Keaton was at school. When Keaton was twelve, he begged for a dog, and so Sera gave in, ending up with two Boston terrier pups. She now keeps hers, named Wilson, with her wherever she goes.

Eventually, Sera worked her way up through the ranks and was happy to apply for the Director of Sciences position for Task Force 93. Though, she did so only after Keaton enrolled in the Academy. Though she didn’t get the position when she initially applied for it, it came available again almost a year later and she accepted it.

Posts and Assignments in Starfleet:

2358 – 2362 ~ Starfleet Academy, Sciences

2362 – 2364 ~ USS Valhalla, Science Officer, Ensign

2364 – 2366 ~ USS Valhalla, Science Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade

2366 – 2372 ~ USS Donovan, Science Officer, Lieutenant

2372 – 2374 ~ USS Clearwater, Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander

2374 – 2377 ~ USS Williamsburg, Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander

2377 – 2389 ~ Starfleet Headquarters, Sciences Division, Lt. Commander

2389 – Current ~ Providence Fleet Yards, Director of Sciences (N7), Commander