Toran Ilos

Toran Ilos began a career in politics nine years ago, following a brief stint in the Bajoran Militia and almost five years in the Foreign Service. A firm believer in the Federation, his utmost priority is ensuring that no Bajoran is negatively affected by Bajor’s Federation membership.


Toran Ilos was born in the township of Lorrow in the Janitza Province in 2349. His mother, Vasha, was the foreman in a uridium mine in the outskirts. His father, Vellico, tended the house, caring for him and his younger sister Ayko. They were a happy family, as their town was largely ignored by the Cardassians, until Ilos was ten, when the Cardassians imposed steeper quotas on the mines. His mother was constantly away for the next two years, either supervising or even working in the mines, until a collapse caused by exhausted workers took her life and the lives of twelve others. His father left home to find work in nearby Jalanda City to support the family, leaving twelve-year-old Ilos to watch after his sister in Lorrow. 

Ayko became a courier for the Resistance, while Ilos tried to stay in school and keep his nose clean. After graduation he found work at a nearby farm. He managed to avoid much confrontation with the Cardassians, and when Ayko was captured for her association with a Resistance cell, he managed to convince the overseer that the girl was best left in his care. She resented his rescue of her, and they grew apart in their teen years, reconciling only as adults. 

The Cardassians withdrew from Bajor when Ilos was 22 years old. At earliest opportunity, he enrolled in the Bajoran Military Academy and then served as a tactical officer for two years on a starship patrolling Bajoran space. His ship was grounded during Bajor’s temporary nonaggression pact with the Dominion, and Ilos took an assignment in Jalanda City (capital of the Janitza Province) in recruitment and public affairs. Once the Dominion left Bajor, a Federation consulate opened in Jalanda City. Ilos worked closely with a number of consular staff, helping Federation citizens affected by the war. He made several friends there, and took an interest in the Federation and in foreign service. 

At the end of the war, as the Bajoran Militia was standing down, Toran Ilos resigned his commission and applied to join the Foreign Service. He spent two years as a political officer covering Alpha Quadrant issues generally and another two years on assignment at the Embassy of Bajor to the Romulan Star Empire on Romulus.

Upon his return to Bajor, Ilos was promoted and made Deputy Director of the Federation Membership Task Force. He participated in several negotiating sessions, occasionally as the lead Bajoran representative, especially regarding the integration of the Bajoran Militia into Starfleet. He was very proud of his work, particularly when he learned that the aspect he fought hardest for (preservation of the Bajoran Militia for home use in at least some key circumstances) were ultimately part of the final deal. 

During his time negotiating with the Federation and living on Bajor, he began to see how the lives of many Bajorans, especially in rural communities, risked being negatively affected by Bajor’s Federation membership. Many were being ignored. He remembered seeing similar problems when he was posted in Jalanda City; people from all walks of life being ignored because the “best fit” political solution set them aside. As he still truly believed in the Federation, Ilos thought the best course of action was to become the voice of ignored Bajorans. He returned to his hometown of Lorrow and became Reeve of the local government. He successfully campaigned on the basis that the prosperity of his community lay with the Federation, but only with effective guidance.

Two years later, Toran Ilos (at the strong urging of his family, friends, and constituents) entered the March 2382 election as a Federalist Party candidate in the “Janitza North” riding, which included Lorrow Township, parts of Jalanda City, and a few other rural townships. He won his seat from a Populist incumbent, and the Federalists took control of the Chamber of Ministers.

Ilos won his seat again in the 2388. He served ably under the new First Minister, Asarem Wadeen, but was passed over for Cabinet positions. The most important moment in his political career was leading the aid mission to the Romulan Star Empire after the Hobus supernova destroyed their world.

When First Minister Asarem resigned, sparking the 2389 election, Ilos ran for a third term.