Captain Serenity Nash

Captain Nash has been given command of the USS Standing Bear, an Insignia Class vessel, assigned to support Athegan Station. The station, built as part of a joint effort by six worlds that have been enemies for centuries, is a first move toward lasting peace in the Athegan Rift. The Standing Bear's job will be to patrol the rift and ensure that the fragile peace, started on the station, flourishes.


Born to Azhadi warriors, Serenity grew up in the shadow of Moaku treachery that ultimately led to the banishment of her parents from Kethir. Rather than choose ritual suicide, has did so many others, her parents chose to make a life together, first as friends and then later, as committed partners. As a child of warriors, she was raised to be an Azhadi warrior.

Growing up, she felt torn between a traditional upbringing that disdained the use of technology in the home and all the wonders that a life on Earth offered. One thing was always clear. As an Azhadi, she would serve the greater good and that meant Starfleet. She enlisted when she turned 18.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Commanding OfficerUSS Standing Bear
Commanding OfficerUSS Tecumseh
Chief of SecurityUSS Vanguard