Zodra Losal

Zadra is a nomadic fixer of sorts. She barters her skills for passage, seeking to find a home in the stars or on a planet. She is looking for the perfect utopian society. But they don't seem to exist. Zadra is a very friendly person that loves to read and explore during her down time. She treats others, the way she wants to be treated and wants everyone to have the same ethics, integrity and morals she does. Her faith means everything to her. She is very religious and practices her heritages, traditions and customs.


Zadra was born on December 12, 2365 by the starfleet calendar. She was raised by her parents and older siblings. She was the youngest child of four. She was ready to leave home, at the age of concession. Not typical of most Taulians, the family did not have its own ship and trying to keep families together while booking passage was hard, for her family. Most ships only had openings for one or two people.

Her father would often take jobs, on ship. While her mother and siblings took care of work on a nearby planet. They never stayed at one place for very long. They migrated to stations, and sought work. Zadra knew from a young age, she hated traveling from one job site to the next. She wanted a solid foundation. A place to call home. She wondered what that was like? She was tired of being a transient worker.

Growing up in the Inconnu Expanse, was not an easy life. The area was flooded with greedy personal, and ambitions of power. She did her best to stay clear of them. She did make contacts, and has a couple of friends that were also former co workers.

From a young age, and growing up in the Losal household, she learned that she needed to make herself useful. Her siblings, were too busy preparing for their own lives to tend to the basic needs of the household. She quickly got the name of Fixer, a skill she learned from her time with her family. She would compete for attention, by fixing things. And making the family look good.

When Zadra left her family, she was very nervous. She held strong to her faith, and used her integrity test, to seek passage on any vessels. She was young, and skinny. A lot of older men, tried to take advantage of her. She would often lock herself in the engine room, to avoid gang rapes or molestation. Not every ship was a bad one.

Zadra did find passage on less hostile ships, but those crews were inspired by greed and passion for power. She did not stay long, on any ship she served on. She would stay long enough to pay for her room and board, and food. Zadra became good at earning her keep. She would sell and barter salvage, offering services, such as minor repair work, in exchange for goods, and other such small jobs.