Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys

Amie is currently assigned as the Deputy Director of T93 Intelligence Section. She found out that she was 1/8 Betazoid while doing some digging after joining Starfleet Intelligence. She is the only one in her family to join Starfleet. Last name pronounced: S-air-is


Age: 33

Gender: Female

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel/Brown

Physical Description:

-Hair normally worn down unless on field duty, sits just below shoulders, though may pull back if on an extended duty shift.

-Piercing eyes seem more golden than Hazel/Brown.

-Scars hidden beneath clothing from field missions.


Spouse: None

Father: Samuel Cerys

Mother: Corinna Cerys (Sabah)

Brother: Jayden Cerys – Younger Brother

Sister: Bailey Tai (Cerys) – Older Sister

Other Family: None on Record


Date of Birth: November 13th, 2357

Place of Birth: England



-Gets a read on people about their general emotional state, even if they are hiding it.  

-Able to jump into a field mission at the drop of a hat.



-Short tempered

-Gets to deep into her field work at times.


Code Name: Red Echo

Cover Name: Mai Airin


General Overview:

-Able to get a general read on people, whether they are happy or upset, etc, but not near what a full or even half Betazoid would be able to.  It’s more like a general feeling, but she can tell it isn’t her own.

-Spent nearly eight years doing field work or training for field work.  




Amie was born in England as the second child to Samuel and Corrina Cerys.  Her older sister, Bailey, was an amazing big sister and was always wanting to help, even though she was only three at the time Amie was born.  The same thing happened when their younger brother, Jayden, was born. Except that time, Amie took on the wanting to help role at age two.

Unfortunately for Amie, Bailey was amazing in school and in sports, or at anything she put her mind to.  This caused her to be compared to her sister in every aspect of life. When she didn’t live up to what her sister was accomplishing, she was teased for not being ‘like Bailey.’  The teasing brought her self esteem to a low, and she could feel every bit of it.

There was a point where she would pretend to be sick just to stay away from all of it.  She didn’t understand why she could feel the hatred to her as much as she could. She could look at someone and be able to tell whether or not they liked her.

Her brother pulled her out of her slump once he was in the same school that she was.  Jayden wanted to live up to her, not to Bailey, who had become their parents’ favorite child.  The two of them kept each other going. He even encouraged her to go after what she had dreamed of doing, even if it wasn’t anything he wanted to follow in.

This was joining Starfleet.  She Amie had no idea what it was that she wanted to in Starfleet, as she hadn’t really thought about it.  It didn’t take long after joining for her to figure it out: Intelligence.

Everything just seemed to fit in Intelligence.  Aime was able to get through everything that was thrown her way.  She specialized in field work, undercover. But she also found herself digging through her own family history, and things soon became clear.  The why behind her being able to look at someone and know their general feeling. Buried deep within her family history on her mother’s side was Betazoid link.  No one had brought it up because none of the Betazoid abilities had been passed down, until her. It was barely anything, but just enough.

Thrown into field work the moment she graduated Starfleet Academy, she wasn’t herself for three years, going by her cover name Mai Airin.  She was mostly alone, but it was an information gathering situation. However, she ended up having to do something she’d never trained for: flirting for information.  She had never been confident in herself in that manner. But she was able to get what was needed and after three years she was recalled back to deliver her report.

Upon returning, Amie was granted a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for her work.  She was sent to get additional training in search and rescue for an additional three years.  The three years drained her, but she had done enough to be put in command of the group she trained with when the need arose.  


The team was returned to Earth in 2387, their rescue mission mostly a success.  A few good people were lost, and having been in command of the mission, Amie felt horrible.  She personally went to each of their families and delivered the news, even though Command told her she didn’t need to do so.  She also didn’t feel like she deserved the promotion to Lieutenant that she was granted.

After a month off for recovery from the mission, Amie had a choice: she could go back out in the field again or she could join in on some additional training, command training.  She chose the second, needing a break from the nearly eight years of straight field work and training for the field work.

The time away from field work did Amie a world of good, her confidence was back after the loss during the mission.  She felt she could actually go somewhere beyond just being in field work. But something unexpected happened as she was finishing up her command training: an offer from Task Force 93 for the Intelligence Section Deputy Director.  It was something she couldn’t pass up. What she didn’t realize until she’d accepted the position was that it came with a promotion.


Service Record:

-2375: Entered Starfleet Academy, Intelligence

-2379: Graduated Starfleet Academy

-2379-2382: Assigned to field work, planet location classified.  Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade upon return.

-2382-2385: Additional training, search and rescue, Starfleet Headquarters.  Given temporary command of field group.

-2385-2387: Assignment Classified, promoted to Lieutenant during course of assignment.

-2387-2388: Command Training – Starfleet Headquarters

-2389: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  Assigned Deputy Director of T93 Intelligence Section