Lieutenant Commander Sarah Duncan

"Duncan is able to perform her duty's on any ship, starbase or colony. I do need to point out the fact that the mental status of her active service in the Dominion wars as a Marine Medical Officer has had its effects on her. I advise all Commanding officers that have this medical file under his or her few to be careful with your words. Saying anything related to the Dominion wars may already trigger her a wave of anger and brute force. She is a shy person and holds on her marine training 'Speak when spoken to' rule applies in this a big-time" ~Dr. Ranzia 2381


Sarah Duncan born in 2351 on Earth, General Marin Duncan, and Captain Suzan Duncan ID as parents. Sarah Duncan childhood was a focus on rules and she followed it. In 2369 Sarah joined the academy. In 2373 she was early grade out as pass by the academy because of the beginning of the Dominion war.

Sarah field of experience was the Medical field and Combat and assign on USS Montana a Nebula class ship. In 2373 the USS Montana came into Second Battle of Deep Space 9 to protect DS9 as long as they could. The captain speech at that time was “The Dominion want war….we give them war! Prepare for battle!” pity enough the wave broke through the first line……Montana pulled back with losing 67% of its crew. Sarah transferred to USS High Lord

In early 2374, a group of 112 ships from the Seventh Fleet attempted to stop the Jem’Hadar in the Tyra system. Only 14 ships survived the assault. Sarah was on one of the surviving ships the USS High Lord a Nova class ship and pulled the USS Rico an Akira class back to its dry docks

Sarah transferred to USS Hood an Excelsior class as Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer. Late 2374 the Hood got into the first battle of chin’toka even if the system was lost in the second battle of chin’toka in 2375. In 2375 USS Hood joins into the final war ‘the battle of Cardassia’ “This day will remember where we of the federation won’t allow this evil spread the galaxy. It ends here, right now!” was the captain’s speech for battle. The battle was won when the Cardassians swift there sides towards the Federation and help the federation to crush the Dominion. The Dominion war had come to an end

The USS Hood (NCC-42296) is part of Starfleet Battle Group Omega, sent to intercept the Scimitar. (Star Trek Nemesis) This marks the 94th year of use for the Excelsior-class design. Sarah was promoted to Chief Medical Officer. In 2383 the USS Hood is being decommissioned as it crew spreads over Starfleet. Lt Sarah Duncan gets assign as CMO/XO of the USS South Carolina. After three years of serving, she finally transfers to the USS Wolf, a Diligent class and became their Chief Medical Officer.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Second Lieutenant
Marine Medical OfficerUSS Montana
First Lieutenant
Marine Medical OfficerUSS High Lord
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Hood
Chief Medical Officer/Second OfficerUSS Hood
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer/ Executive OfficerUSS South Carolina
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Wolf