Commander Mira Blackwood

Mira is like most Betazoids, friendly and kind-hearted. She loves doing her work in the fields of Science and Biology. Known for being socially open and always in for a good story or getting to know people.


Born on Betazed on 2359 under the care of Eirin and Kirre Blackwood as their second child. Mira had a peaceful and joyful childhood, where she explored her interest in the world around her. With observing, learning and writing down everything she saw around her in nature. Ilah, the eldest son, left to study with the Federation and to become more. It was only then that she felt a spike of sadness around her, scared she flee, not understanding that her telepathic ability was developing.

After years of trying to learn to control the ability to understand the powers that were gifted upon her. She took her duties as a big sister as Neasi as the galaxy changed due to the Dominion war. They got taken over by the Dominion and she did her best to protect her family. Mira was tortured, not so much by feeling or getting beat up. But by emotions around her, she felt it all and she could not lock her mind out of it.

In 2377 Mira said her goodbyes as her journey through the academy. She learned quite a bit in the fields of Astronomy, Chemistry and Urban Studies. She was one of the top students at the academy. The years passed by within an eye blink. She passed the academy and got her first job at the USS Tokyo, where she filled the shoes of a science officer. For years everything went well until her ship was involved in the Battle of Garen Epok late 2386. She performed beyond her ability and with the disabling of the Tokyo, she got transfer towards the USS Europe as Asst Chief Science Officer.

In 2388 she was transfer towards the USS Hawk as the new Chief Science Officer. Her career in her previous assignments was notable and she was able to contribute to the studies of star development phases. Her career briefly put her in the Gamma Quadrant, the place that housed the pain of her youth, only to return to Task Force 93 in 2389 due to her communication and diplomatic skills. She was replaced Captain Takato as Director of Communications. 

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
USS TokyoScience Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS TokyoScience Officer
USS EuropeAssistant Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander
USS EuropeAssistant Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science OfficerUSS Hawk
Director of CommunicationsTask Force 93