Lieutenant Commander Vit Aran

Aran is by all accounts, an average looking Bajoran, though some would say he is more devout than anyone not in the clergy. This is by and large due to his being raised in a Monastery, after both of his parents were killed while he was at a young age . Aran is empathetic, sincere, and kind-hearted. He learned much of this behavior and way of engaging with others from the clergy, and carried it with him through his life.


Aran joined the Bajoran Militia during the outset of the Dominion War, in 2373. He was 18, and as he’d had previous experience with integrated systems, was assigned to Operations on a small freighter running cargo and “harassment” missions.

Aran liked what he saw of Starfleet during the war, and requested to join the crew of a starship, as a computer specialist. His request was granted shortly after the signing of the Bajor Treaty, and he was stationed aboard the USS Astrolabe, a Steamrunner class vessel.

In 2377, he was promoted to Lt(jg), and was moved to the USS Ophiucus, an Ambassador class starship, as Assistant Chief of Operations. He enjoyed the large ship, as there were more people to meet, an the ship had better facilities.

In 2381, he was transferred to the USS Normandie as Chief Operations Officer,and was promoted to Lieutenant. He served at this post for 5 years, largely minding his own business and getting his work done.

In 2386, he was transferred to his current assignment, the Century class USS Yorktown, and has enjoyed this posting since coming aboard as their Chief Operations Officer.

In 2389, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, to go along with his promotion to Executive Officer.