Lieutenant Abi Solomon

Brought up by strict parents, Abigail became a rebel against being the 'perfect little girl' that they wanted her to be. Went to Starfleet for Engineering and Engine Design. Currently expecting a child with boyfriend Lieutenant Elias Gerrit.


Born to non-Starfleet parents, Abigail Solomon was always fiddling with small things. She would take her toys apart and then put them back together. When her parents found out, they told her that wasn’t what a girl did and forced her to play with dolls and wear dresses.

Abi was sent to a private school as soon as her friends in public school gave her the nickname ‘Abi.’ They were strict and didn’t want anything changing about their daughter and wanted to turn her into a beautiful woman who was always going to be wearing the fanciest things.

This just caused her to turn into a rebel. With the help of a friend at her private school, she was able to get hair dye and turn her hair bright red and chop it shoulder length. When her parents found out, they were livid and nearly disowned her at the age of 13.

They allowed Abi to stay in the school, though they weren’t happy, but sent her on her own the moment she turned 18. Luckily, she already had an idea of what she wanted to do, Starfleet. She wanted to get her hands messy, build things, take things apart. The complete opposite of what her parents dreamt for her. However, her school grades, though average, were not enough to get her in. The placement tests did.

Her time at the Academy was fairly quiet, and she found that, although her parents had always told her to find a nice man, she was also attracted to some women. It was new for her, but she didn’t mind the new.

Graduating in the middle of her class, Abi wasn’t to interested in going on a ship to start. She asked to join in the engine development teams, and was approved. She had no intent on going anywhere else, until she was asked if she wanted to join the ship development team.

Unfortunately, this was short lived, as her opinions got in the way of working with others. She was reassigned to the engine development team. After another year there, totaling 4 years, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and decided she wanted to be on a ship. She was assigned as an engineering officer on the USS Kumari.


2380 – Enters Starfleet Academy Engineering Division
2384 – Graduates Starfleet Academy Engineering Division, middle of the class
2384 – Assigned to Starfleet Engineering Engine Design
2387 – Assigned to Starfleet Engineering Ship Design
2388 – Removed from Starfleet Engineering Ship Design due to disagreements in the team, returned to Starfleet Engineering Engine Design
2389 – Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2389 – Assigned USS Kumari Engineering Department