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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chase Topekaski
Fighter Pilot
Carnwennan Station

Chase is silent and introverted, preferring the confines of a Valkyrie starfighter to the bridge of a cruiser. When he applies himself, Chase works very hard, never giving up on what he is trying to accomplish. That is, when he applies himself. He has a tendency to procrastinate until the last minute.
He is very quiet and thoughtful. This helps him to come up with a means of solving whatever problem he is faced with, but also causes a slight aversion to the physical presence of other people.
He aspires to get over this aversion and to become more outgoing, in addition to becoming an ace fighter pilot like those of the 20th century.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew O'Daire

Matthew is amiable but reserved, his natural environment being his quarters, or the quiet confines of a shuttlecraft.


Dedication Citation – 6 Months