Bahrat Noth


Fleet Captain Bahrat Noth
Commanding Officer
USS Equinox

Rear Admiral Ruth Ellsworth
Delta Advisory Council
USS Nomad
Kartelan Station

Ruth Ellsworth is a human Starfleet flag officer, holding the rank of Rear Admiral.  She spent much of the late 2370s and 2380s dealing with issues concerning the Delta Quadrant.  Ellsworth has spent nearly a decade serving Bravo Fleet’s 38th Task Force in various leadership roles.  More recently, she has temporarily held the positions of Task Force Executive Officer and Commanding Officer.  She has noted that her years of service in the Delta Quadrant have been the most rewarding of her career; a place that she reveres as the true final frontier.  Ellsworth continues to be a significant figure in Starfleet’s dealings in the Delta Quadrant, she holds a seat on the Delta Exploration Initiative Advisory Council and is a fierce advocate of Federation security in the quadrant.


Command At Sea (Active)

Medal of Collaboration

Medal of Collaboration

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Player of the Month (TF38)

Player of the Month (TF38)

Sim of the Month (TF38)

Sim of the Month (TF38)

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Rear Admiral Emeritus

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Command Academy Graduate

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