Josh Hina

Josh has been a member of Bravo Fleet on and off since 2001. He is the current Hall of Honour Administrator and CO of the DFS Lavie in TF99. Josh is a former TFXO in Bravo Fleet's Affiliate NXD back in 2011 which is now defunct.


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Ensign Ari Mizriki
Information Logistics Officer
DFS Lavie

Ari is a journalist from an alternate Earth who arrived in this time due to doing work for TSS without knowing about it with her lover Brandon. She acts as the ships Information Logistics Officer and assists command staff in investigations. She has an almost tsundere-like personality. She and Brandon are engaged to marry.

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Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino
Pilot (Seeker)
DFS Lavie

Kiyoko was initially a pretty shy girl but a great tactician and really good as a pilot but as she got older she is less shy and more has become shoot first ask questions later. She was assigned to the Rigal AMC Operations Battalion in Task Unit 17 as a punishment for her giving her opinion when it was not wanted about the status of the government; as a result of this she has grown to be erratic in personality as she knows she is being punished for her “insolence” to quote her superiors.

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Lieutenant Lumi Trouve
Chief of Operations
DFS Lavie

Lumi is the former artificial intelligence of the DFS Lavie. She was given a human form and her AI self was transferred to a human brain by ITC's Medical Research Division. Due to the fact that she was once the ship's AI she has all the knowledge the ship's database had. As a result of this she has many equivalent degrees and could even be considered a medical doctor. Her physical appearance is that of a 26 year old. Her full bio is on the Lavie forums.

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Commander Sakura Carain
AMC Division CO
DFS Lavie

Sakura is one of the only living family members of President Hukari Carain. She is her cousin. Sakura is a skilled AMC pilot and has worked with Hukari for so long that she has gained skills in negotiation, leadership and being a good adviser. She use to work in Starfleet Security's Internal Investigations Unit which handled transfers to JAG personnel during investigations and assisted in those investigations. After leaving Starfleet Security she was trained by Dale Flint and qualified as an AMC pilot at the same time as Hukari.

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Captain Yuka Layton
Commanding Officer and Captain
DFS Lavie

Yuka is from the 21st century and due to a certain series of events ended up in the 46th century. After her brush with extreme culture shock from ending up this far in to the future she seems to think the future is out to get her. Her family was killed in a fire that also caused partial blindness; ITC's Medical Division replaced her eye but PTSD and depression symptoms are still a problem for her. She is dedicated to teaching RINZ about humanity. She was selected by Trinity and the Federations Executive Office to be the first fully trained Commanding Officer at her age. She was trained as a Delta Force Officer at Memorial Center's Training Facilities and her flight training was completed at Earth Spacedock.

Yuka's full bio is on the TNU wiki or the Lavie forums.

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Captain Sophie Archer
Trinity Operations Officer

Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color/Length: Black/long in ponytails
Height: 5‘ 6”
Weight: 122 lbs
Bust Size: A
Blood Type: AB +

Physical Appearance: Sophie wears a specially designed armor under suit that protects her while in combat. She wears stockings, combat boots, and a uniform from Delta Force. When off duty she wears a skirt and blouse set. She also wears a zip-able hoodie and jeans with sneakers. She also sometimes wears a pink sleeveless dress or a jean jacket, pink tanktop with a jean skirt and boots. She has fair and soft skin and has a clear complexion. People often mistake her for a high school student because of her youthful appearance. She resembles Kotoko Takano from Bokura Wa Piacere in appearance.


Sim of the Month (TF99)

Commodore Emeritus

Recruitment Award

Command Academy Graduate

Dedication Citation – 10 Years