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Ensign Aeron Hughes

Aeron has been studying at starfleet academy, Hes wanted to be a helm officer since he was brought up by his grand father who owned a freighter. His Father was the chief armoury officer, on an intrepid class ship! His grand father raised him on his freighter called the Apollo, Aeron learnt everything from his grandfather, eventually he broached the subject of him leaving the Apollo, to study at starfleet academy to become a starfleet helms man.

Lieutenant Commander Elijah O'Finnigan
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini

Elijah is quite the broad man,He stands at six feet and two inches with the mass to match.Being tall he has gangaley arms and legs but he has alot of muscle on his upper body to and legs to make up for it,His hair is a noir black and his eyes a deep icy blue he has a few scars on his chest from an operation he had during his first command.

Off duty elijah likes to wear stone wash jeans and black shirts with black steel toe capped boots,He normally wears his hair up when hes off duty very rarely does he he put it up when he hes on duty,Elijah's Uniform is always pressed and neat ready for him to take the captains chair.