JL Galloway


Lieutenant Commander Dom Martinez
Commanding Officer
DFS Phoenix

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: Slender man with a light muscular tone.
Physical Features: No scars or tattoos.
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, DFS Phoenix

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elsie Barnett
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Sirona

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green

Physical Description

Elsie is a slender woman, who recently started to go to the gym to stay in shape, a lot of people tell her she is very skinny and fit, but she knows the older she gets the more her metabolism will slow down. Image means everything to her. She has short brown hair with green eyes, she is light skinned with no scars, no freckles or visible birthmarks. Her only complaint, is her butt is to flat, but on the same note she is happy it is, because its a good sign, she is not putting on weight. However she does desire to put on a few pounds to have the curves in the right places.


Father Harrold Barnett ~ Mother Susan Gillman-Barnett ~ Brothers Eric and Cody Barnett

Ensign Emily Martinez
Chief HELM
DFS Lavie

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: Slender woman with a light muscular tone.
Physical Features: No scars or tattoos.

Ensign Erica Solwick
USS Ark Royal

Erica is new to Starfleet but has already tasted defeat. She was a teenager living aboard the USS Zodiac when the Borg invaded in 2383.

This action caused Erica to enlist in Starfleet after graduating high school.

Erica has a bubbly personality and loves to help others out.

She learned after the Omega Crisis of 2382 that she had a knack for being sympathetic and empathetic shoulder to cry on.

Erica enlisted in Starfleet in 2383, at the age of 16, with the approval of her parents and spent the last 5 years working on getting her Ph.D. in psychology and psychiatry.

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Lieutenant Commander Clara Watson
Commanding Officer

Clara is standard officer, nothing to special about her. She stands 5'6 and roughly weighs 120 pounds. She currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander and is waiting new assignment from Starfleet Command. She was the last executive officer of the USS Comanche. Clara is a very text book character, but also seeks the approval of her peers, Captain Fuller see's great potential in her, even though she needs to toughen up a bit on her command style. He recommends her for re assignment as Executive Officer of another starship.


Command Academy Graduate