Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij
Chief Medical Officer
USS Black Hawk

Jayla is tall with an athletic build. Her round face and dark curly hair make her appear younger than she is. She usually has a smile on her face and a glint in her eye.

Jayla is a bubbly, happy person. She is always smiling, even early in the morning. She enjoys a good party and dances with anyone who’ll ask. She never says no to a first date-except in extreme cases- but often to a second one. She’s especially good with children and the elderly. She rarely speaks of her family and tends to keep her private life to herself.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Mar Megara
USS Triumphant

Everything Meg does is aggressive. Making friends, practicing medicine, picking out clothes for a night out with friends- all aggressive. She isn't overbearing or obnoxious at all, but simply puts everything she has available into everything she does. As she is fond of saying, “I do nothing half-assed.” She is very cheerful and well adjusted. She is open and friendly both professionally and personally. She enjoys the company of strangers and friends alike, yet also values her alone time. It is difficult to get on Meg's bad side, but you would be advised not to try. She can be vindictive and downright mean. As a friend, she is fiercely loyal and protective.


Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Medal of Collaboration