Master Sergeant Atlee MIcklin
Team Leader 1st MARSOC Group
Starbase 400

Atlee Micklin was born at Columbia, South Carolina, Earth on August 23, 2343. He is the son of a starship construction worker, and a teacher. In the "utopia" type economy on Earth, he came from a poor family. Upon completion of his Secondary Education, he joined the Federation Marines, seizing the opportunity to leave his impoverished life behind, and follow in his brother's footsteps. He is currently a Team Leader in the 1st MARSOC Group. He is a Second Klingon War Combat Veteran, Dominion War Veteran.

Master Sergeant Charlton Gibbs
Starbase 400

Gibbs was born in 2350 on the Cestus III Federation Outpost. His father is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the Federation Marines, and was assigned to the outpost garrison when he met his wife. In 2368, Giibbs enlisted into the Federation Marines. He is currently the MSAU NCO of Starbase 400. He is a Dominion War Veteran.

First Lieutenant David Henry
Starbase 400

David Ugo Henry was born April 1, 2363 at Lake Armstrong City, Mars Colony. Being unable to focus, He barely made it through Secondary School. Being the son of a Federation Medal Of Honor winner automatically qualified him to be admitted to Star Fleet Academy. His father was more than happy to vouch for him, otherwise, he would still be living with his parents. He is currently assigned as a Platoon Commander in 2/22 Marines, 1st Marine Division. He is a Combat Veteran.

Master Warrant Officer Giaus Aquila
1st MARSOC Group Leader
Starbase 400

Gaius Marcus Aquila was born March 1, 2356. He is a member of a high level aristocratic family on Magna Rome (892-IV). He is the youngest of two sons. He is widowed with two sons. He is rooted deeply in the sense of Magna Roman honor. He prays primarily to the god Mars. He comes from a long time family martial tradition, and is the second generation of his family to serve in their still young membership in the Federation. At the age of 16, with the blessing of his family, he enlisted into the Star Fleet Marine Corps. He is currently assigned to the 1st MARSOC Group as its CO. He is in a relationship with Holly Gillo, the Chief Operations Officer of the star base. He is a Dominion War Veteran who served in the Second Battle Of AR558.

First Lieutenant Klaus Gunther
Fighter Pilot
Starbase 400

Klaus Gunther was born on November 24, 2368, in a small town called Leonides on Alpha Centauri. He is the son of an accountant, and a civilian nurse. He completed his Secondary education at Leonides High School in 2386 as Valedictorian. He entered Starfleet Academy that same year. He is currently a Squadron Commander in the 181st Tactical Fighter Wing. He is a Combat Veteran. His call sign is "Frogger".

Staff Sergeant Sam Hopper
Starbase 400

He was born in Fort Worth, Texas, Earth in 2363. He currently serves as a Platoon Sergeant in A 2/22 Marines. He is a Combat Veteran against the Borg, and Klingon Rebels.

Major General Thomas Jackson
1st Marine Division Commanding Officer/USS Saratoga CO
Starbase 400

Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on September 11, 2356. His place of birth, and upbringing was in Athens, Alpha Centauri. His late father Jonathan Jackson, was a Senator in Alpha Centauri's Senate. His mother, Candace Jackson, is a school teacher. His Cousin is the Governor of Alpha Centauri, retired Admiral Phelan Ward. He is a Veteran of the Dominion Wars, including the Second Battle of AR558. He is currently assigned as Division Commander or the 1st Marine Division "Sheep Dogs".

Admiral Phelan Ward
Starbase 400

Phelan Ward was born on Earth on 12-21-43. He is the only child to two Star Fleet retirees. He served in Star Fleet from 2359 to his retirement from Active Duty in 2382. Phelan’s specialty was Tactics, which he has practiced from his assignment as a Tactical Officer, Command of the USS Sentinel, all the way to his command of the Alpha Division of the Fourth Fleet. Phelan has an interesting medical modification. Phelan Ward currently serves as Governor of the Alpha Centauri System. He holds the rank of Admiral in the Star Fleet Reserves. He is a Dominion War Veteran.


Dedication Citation – 1 Year