Lieutenant Anaya Chamling
USS Nomad

Anaya is a focused woman who is extremely competent at those tasks she puts her hand to. She is generally a warm, genial woman, but she does not tolerate over familiarity, patronizing or prideful ignorance that can be dangerous to her or others. After resigning her commission five years ago, a conversation with her former commanding officer (now Rear Admiral Cecil Lewis) convinced her to accept the position of Chief Engineer and Second Officer aboard the Nomad.

Ensign Hayley Smythe
Chief Operations Officer
USS Excalibur

Hayley is a slender young woman with feminine curves, dark soulful eyes, long dark hair and an appearance that appears quiet and tranquil...until she starts talking.
Hayley has a "quirky" way of interacting with the world, but for the most part gets along with everyone who wants to get along with her. She is an excellent team leader when it comes to her specialty and, other than her outspokenness and eccentric behavior, can be a team player as well, provided that she respects the leader of her team. She is extremely competent and she knows it. She works well with others who are similarly trained, and can bring out a group's strength.

Lieutenant Shaji M'Trierr

Shaji is a petite, young female with definite feminine curves. Her blue eyes and light brown mane with a reddish tinge mark her as someone whose ancestors came from one of the more genetically isolated continents of Cait.
Shaji is generally an optimistic person who enjoys solving a problem and does not get flustered when initial attempts hit a wall. She also has a sense of wanderlust, which led her to a career in Starfleet.


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