Master Sergeant Alex Ryan
Chief of the Boat
Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Lead
USS Bellona

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan currently serves as the Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Leader, with the secondary duty of Chief of the Boat, onboard the USS Bellona. His background is primarily covert operations as well as intelligence and counter-intelligence. He was originally assigned as the TACOPS Delta Team Leader, but requested the transfer to Surveillance.

Major Edward Maxwell
181st Tactical Fighter Wing Commanding Officer
Starbase 400

Lieutenant Hunter Berrin
Commanding Officer
USS Ajax

Lieutenant Hunter Berrin was assigned to Deep Space 6 in the Qualor system as the Gamma shift Security Team Leader for the Promenade. He did well in his position, but chafed under the restrictions placed on him in regards to pursuing and prosecuting criminals he came across. Taking note of this, his superior offered him command of the Wallace class USS Ajax. The Ajax was tasked with assisting in picking up the slack left behind by the departure of numerous ships supporting operations along the border of the Gorn Occupied Territories. Lieutenant Berrin only had to think over the options for a few moments before accepting the position. After returning to his quarters, he sent out a call station wide for volunteers to crew the Ajax and get her back out into space.

Lieutenant Commander Jason Tigan
Chief Engineering Officer
SFM Revenant

Commander Jason Tigan served as Commanding Officer of the Wallace class vessel USS Ajax-A. Shortly after taking command he was reassigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers detachment assigned to Starfleet Marine Corps Base Revenant.

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Senior Chief Petty Officer Kalvin Maddox

Senior Chief Maddox is stationed onboard the USS Black Hawk as it's embarked fighter Squadron's Chief of Fighter Maintenance.

Lieutenant Commander Tyler Fallon

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Lieutenant Colonel Adam Stone

Rear Admiral Graham Cantos

Rear Admiral Graham Cantos is the Executive Officer of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 38 and is the Fleet's Community Relations Officer.


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