Captain Peter Gardner

Captain Peter Gardner has served as the Commanding Officer of the USS Excelsior for the last 2 and half years. He previously served as an Intelligence Operative in Starfleet Intelligence for the majority of his career.

Lieutenant Commander Sierra Walton
Executive Officer
USS Traveller

Sierra currently serves as the Executive Officer on the USS Traveller, a ship that isn't expected to be ever seen in the Federation after its departure. She has spent the majority of her career on an accelerated path, making Executive Officer of the USS Galaxy very early in her career. She is a career minded officer, that only recently become somewhat more relaxed and less stiff.

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Lieutenant Daniel Gardner

Daniel Gardner is a long time Intelligence Operative and former Operative of Operation Janus which saw the murder of the Romulan Empress. He has served across 4th Fleet and now serves the Intelligence Support Activity on the USS Bellona.

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Lieutenant Diantha Novius

Diantha is a long serving Starfleet Officer with baggage. She was on the transport ships that entered the Nexus when the El Aurians escaped El Auria.

She carries a lot of the damage, mostly from seeing her people destroyed and being ripped away from the Nexus.

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Lieutenant Commander Karissa Gardner

Karissa is a female humanoid hybrid in Starfleet. She spent the beginning of her career as a covert operative, which has been completed removed from her standing record. Post that, she has worked as a Security and Tactical Officer for the majority of her Starfleet career.

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Lieutenant Commander Korrath

Korrath is one of the few Klingon's to serve in Starfleet. He was raised on Earth by his Klingon Father but attended human education. He is extremely proud of his service, his heritage and his Father who was a diplomat, serving the Klingon Empire on Earth.

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Lieutenant Orzal Nejim

Nejim was born into a Cardassian labour camp and suffered at one of the harshest times of Bajoran history. He, however did not let that define him and he enlisted in Starfleet after seeing their selfless and dedicated acts when the Cardassian's withdrew from Bajor.

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Commander Sovok

Sovok is spent his entire Starfleet career working for Starfleet Intelligence. He has risen through the ranks, served as a field operative, a handler and as one of the Section Operation Commanders and later as Assistant Chief. In that capacity is role took him to various locations, even more recently to Diogara Station.


Emeritus (Rear Admiral)