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Major Glenn Walker
MACO Commanding Officer

Captain Jack Colburn
Commanding Officer
USS Kumari

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Louise Rigby
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Ren Kannu
Chief Flight Control Officer (CONN)
USS Hawaii

In 2385, Bajor finally gained entry into the Federation. The majority of the Bajoran Militia was transferred over to Starfleet, this included Ren Kannu. His job didn't change but his uniform did. He wasn't happy about transferring over to Starfleet and tried to remain in the Militia, but his attempts fell on deaf ears.

In 2387, Starfleet had a reshuffle of its personnel deployments in the Bajor system and Ren was reassigned to the Starship Jericho. Again, he tried to fight as he didn't want to leave his home. He almost resigned his commission if it wasn't for his mother who convinced him to join the Jericho and see the Galaxy.

After Jericho returned home from the Protouniverse, she was decommissioned. Ren was reassigned to the USS Hawaii as Chief Helmsman.


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