Teacher, Writer.


Captain Nisea
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer
USS Solaria

A woman of the Syllian race, Nisea has a large cranium made up of strong bone and cartilage with crap like extremities covering the back of her head. She is able to flex these at will and often does so in a demonstration of emotion. She has an absence of hair on her body and does not sweat, her body acclimatized to warmer temperatures such as on her homeworld. She wears a pink or red lipstick to accentuate her lips or it looks like she doesn’t have any. Her piercing black eyes have been known to add to her intimidating presence despite her limited stature.

Personality: Nisea is a deeply spiritual woman and despite her Starfleet training and career, she has never been able to see her gods as anything other than the guardians of her people. Passionate, almost to a fault.

Lieutenant Commander Vasoch Gor
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer
USS Templar

A former engineer by trade, Gor transferred to the command track in 2370 when he assumed the role of executive officer on the USS Devonshire. A well respected officer, the Tellarite is thrust into a command of his own when his ship is destroyed by the Dominion while he is on an away mission on the USS Templar.

Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot

Jennifer is pretty open-minded to all situations and takes her work seriously. Some times this has caused a lot of friction with various family members. She enjoys the company of her family and is particularly close with both her children. Jennifer is strong physically and enjoys many forms of combat training. She takes those she leads under her wing and becomes very protective of them. The loss of the Iliad is something that scares Jennifer and haunts her dreams. She can't overcome the notion that everyone died during the Battle of Kovar on the ship and she was the only one saved from death. She carries this burden with her every day, however her change of scenery has given her a new source of strength to carry on with her duties with Starfleet.


Command At Sea (Past)

Medal of Collaboration

Community Recognition Ribbon

Medal of Achievement

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Sim of the Month (TF38)

Sim of the Month (TF9)

Sim of the Month (TF9)

Sim of the Month (TF9)

Command Academy Graduate

Emeritus (Vice Admiral)

Dedication Citation – 10 Years