I was born and raised in Utah, where I live today. I've lived all across the western United States in the past. I attended the University of Utah and earned a degree in video game development. Currently I work as an educator in Salt Lake City.


Lieutenant JJ Zamora
Chief Diplomatic Officer (DIP)
USS Hawaii

Juan Zamora is a man tasked with trying to build peace in a conflict zone, a herculean endeavor, but one he approaches with optimism. As Chief Diplomatic Officer for USS Hawaii, he must help guide the ship through the murky and difficult political situation along the Gorn frontier. Such tension and hostility makes for a stark contrast with his previous posting, living a peaceful life with his family while serving aboard one of Starfleet's archetypal "space hotels." Nonetheless he is ready to put his ideals to the test, if there is to be lasting peace in the galaxy then the Federation must turn its enemies into friends, somehow.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Juliette Green
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Excalibur

Juliette is an average to slightly tallish young woman, with an average build. She usually carries herself in a businesslike manner and doesn't loom or tower over anybody. She has frizzy, sometimes flyaway dark blonde hair that grows in loose curls, which she usually chooses to wear long. She has active brown eyes, often they are in constant motion unless she is focusing on a particular task.

during working hours she is often seen with Igor, her customized robotic assistant. The small machine is described as resembling a flying coffee grinder, and usually hovers at her shoulder, projecting holographic schematics, playing music, and keeping Juliette up to date on her schedule. although well crafted, he is a relatively simple construct, far from an artificial intelligence.


Dedication Citation – 6 Months