Captain Richard Sharpe
Commanding Officer
Deep Space 14

Captain Richard Sharpe is 34 years old. He's 6'4 with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. There is a small scar above his left eyebrow.
He's lean and extremely fit. Strong, muscular but not overly so. Has a nice smile.

He is currently the Commanding Officer of Deep Space 14.

He has a 3 year old daughter called Scarlett who is with him.

Ruby (Red) Redferne

Ruby (Red) Redferne is human and nearly 60 years old. She doesn't look her age. With deep auburn hair, which earned her the nickname of Red,.
She's 5'8 and about 9st. This does fluctuate. (we all know that feeling)
She's a retired War Correspondent who has found it difficult to settle into village life.


Command Academy Graduate

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Medal of Collaboration