Hall of Honour

The Bravo Fleet Hall of Honour is a long established and highly prestigious part of the fleet community. It’s sole purpose is to reward the players of the community (past and present) for their effort and participation. Whether it be as a player, a commanding officer, a graphics team member or in some other role there is an award here to recognize everyone and thank them for their contributions.

The Hall of Honour has a vast quantity of awards that are available and can be nominated for by anyone in the community depending on the category and the tier of the awards. Nominating a fellow player is easy. Simply log into the BFMS, select Player Award Nominations and submit your nomination. Once in the system the Hall of Honours team will review the nomination (if necessary) and make it official.

All OOC Awards
All awards that may be awarded to any player.
Names of Bravo Fleet members that have passed since Bravo Fleet began in 1997.
Fleet Awards
Awards the Fleet and its member sims received since 1997.