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Good day all, It is with great pleasure and honor to present to you the new Task Group Commanding Officers within Task Force 93. This project is under my own lead and it is to see if we can reintegrate the TGCO position back into our ranks. Task Force 93 has been going strong since […]

SFM Revenant With great pleasure, I may announce the 16th Sim of Task Force 93! Even so, it has been a while since we have seen a pure Marine Sim in Bravo Fleet, but Major Victor Muime played by Reius commands as of today SFM Revenant. A planetary base at Bellatrix IV in the Bellatrix […]

USS HawaiiI’d like to welcome Lieutenant Commander Akio Tachibana or also known as Beeman on Discord towards Task Force 93 as the Commanding Officer of the USS Hawaii, a wonderful Sovereign class vessel that has been put back into action towards the Gorn borders. USS Ajax and USS Sirona are getting some support! Again welcome […]

Good day, With the arrival of the USS Ascension, we hit the mark of 14 vessels and as Task Force Commanding Officer I notice that the Task Force page becomes …scroll’ish. To simplify this, I have divided and shuffle the Task Groups to add a new one. This makes it easier for our players and […]

I am proud to welcome back Murdock towards our great community. Murdock has served Bravo Fleet back in the day as Task Force Commanding Officer of both Task Force 21 and 86 under Vice Admiral Murdock. Now he has returned to take command of the USS Ascension that will be Task Force 93 carrier in […]

USS Redguard Well I can, say much about it, but the Fleet Captain Davis has returned towards Bravo Fleet and with a unique concept that will be playing in the form of both Discord and WordPress. I personally look forward towards this sim work! Welcome towards the USS Redguard, a defiant class vessel that does the […]

Good day members of Bravo Fleet, This has been coming quite some time, but time in my personal life has prevented me from doing so and so my deepest apology for this delay. Without further delay I want to recognize some people of Task Force 93 for their hard work with us and this is […]