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No, no. We’re not talking about giant marshmallow men. The USS Traveller has come to Task Force 72. This Ronin class vessel, under the command of Lt. Commander Remas McDonald, has been outfitted for a unique mission: to explore Messier 4, one of the many globular clusters found orbiting above the disc of the Milky […]

To: All Federation personnel, starships, planetary outposts, space stations and civilian traffic within the Alpha Quadrant. From: Vice Admiral S’iraa (Commanding Officer, USS Dreadnought, Task Force 72) RE: Important Updates!!! For some time Starfleet has engaged in negotiated trade with the inhabitants of the Jetrada System. With the aid of Starfleet the planet’s population has […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Zachary O’Connell
      Starbase 72
 VIA  Promotions, Task Force 72

Greetings One and All, Due to the continued effort and productivity, ensuring that members of the simm are engaged and creative in the content that is made for not just others on the simm to write but also outsiders I would like to do a first since assuming the role as Teh Kitteh Overlord of […]