Out of the Mothballs!

An old ship with a respected name has been brought out of the mothballs to give a troubled officer a chance at redemption. The Ambassador Class USS Ark Royal now flies again with Lieutenant Commander Scott Parker in Command.

However, the ship’s age and condition, though not falling apart, is not the beauty she once was. As such, her missions are geared more towards scientific research/discovery and diplomatic disputes. Confrontation needs to be avoided as much as possible. Assigned to Task Force 72’s Task Group Hermes near the Inconnu Expanse, Commander Parker must overcome the after-effects of a court marshal, reclaim his dignity and do the Federation proud.

Welcome to Task Force 72!

Semper Fi!

SFM Revenant

With great pleasure, I may announce the 16th Sim of Task Force 93! Even so, it has been a while since we have seen a pure Marine Sim in Bravo Fleet, but Major Victor Muime played by Reius commands as of today SFM Revenant. A planetary base at Bellatrix IV in the Bellatrix system, yes that very system that got ravaged by the surprise attack of the Gorn and secretly also the Klingons. He will be focusing on rebuilding the bombed Bellatrix, half destroyed Xavier Fleet Yards and get the borders back to strength.

Semper Fi Major, hold those borders!

The sunny and wonderful Hawaii

USS HawaiiI’d like to welcome Lieutenant Commander Akio Tachibana or also known as Beeman on Discord towards Task Force 93 as the Commanding Officer of the USS Hawaii, a wonderful Sovereign class vessel that has been put back into action towards the Gorn borders. USS Ajax and USS Sirona are getting some support! Again welcome towards Task Force 93 

It’s big, that’s for sure!

I am proud to welcome back Murdock towards our great community. Murdock has served Bravo Fleet back in the day as Task Force Commanding Officer of both Task Force 21 and 86 under Vice Admiral Murdock. Now he has returned to take command of the USS Ascension that will be Task Force 93 carrier in the Reayan Transit Corridor! This wonderful ship will be under command of Lieutenant Commander Roberto Dellucci. Again welcome!!

The NX Era is Growing!

Please join me in welcoming Lieutenant Commander Elijah O’Finningan to the center chair of the USS Gemini!

The NV-19 Gemini, is based during 2156 at the height of the romulan/earth war. The Gemini is a refitted intrepid class ship, designed to batter back the romulan star empire! her mission is to go behind enemy lines and collect as much intelligence as possible on their new weapons and there base of operations. This is at the beginning of the war, weather or not the crew survive their mission only time and luck will tell!

Welcome to TF99!

Task Force 9 Welcomes the Altai!

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new addition to our Task Force. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Osegan Trenna(known by most people as Teix) the Steamrunner USS Altai will be joining our adventures as we move beyond the Consortium and into a new era.

Please join me all in welcoming the new Commander. I am convinced he will prove a capable CO.

This is the first of many announcements that are going to come out in the upcoming days and I can say I look forward to seeing where Task Force 9 can go.

Another new sim joins Task Force 99

Starbase Liberty

Please help me welcome Starbase Liberty to TF99’s Alternative Division! The sim’s CO, Chris, is a veteran simmer that brings more experience and dedication to the best TF in BF!

Starbase Liberty is the headquarters to SCIS (Starfleet Criminal Investigation Services) The Starbase also acts as a detention facility for the most dangerous criminals and terrorists.

Welcome back to Bravo Fleet and TF99!

Two more sims join Task Force 99

USS Harbinger

Please join me in welcoming two more new Sims to Task Force 99, the USS Cavalry and Strike Team Six! Both sims are now apart of the Alternative Group, and are already active.

USS Cavalry is a Sovereign class vessel set in 2394, and is tasked with patrolling these borders, assisting citizens where needed, and helping to keep the peace. Engaging in diplomatic situations and preventing anybody from getting the upper hand. Peace took two decades to become a reality; one incident will not bring that to a crashing halt. The USS Cavalry is also tasked with the core mission of Starfleet, the ideals that Starfleet was built on… exploring new worlds, seeking our new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where nobody has gone before.

Strike Team Six is a ground based sim set in the 2390s. S.T.R.I.K.E. stands for Special Tactical Response for Interplanetary Key Emergencies. S.T.R.I.K.E. Team Six is a team of special weapons and tactics operator made up of members of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Republic. They serve as an anti-terrorism unit within the areas controlled by the three member governments, but do not answer directly to any single government. Their identities are a closely guarded secret, and they operate from S.T.R.I.K.E. Base Alpha, the location of which is also a closely guarded secret.

Welcome to TF99 and Bravo Fleet!

A new sim in Task Force 99

USS Harbinger

Please join me in welcoming a new Sim to Task Force 99, the USS Harbinger! Set in the 28th century, the Harbinger has found a home in TF99’s Alternative Group. It’s an active sim with an experienced CO. Captain Captain Devin Neely is played by Katy, who has over seven years of simming experience in Bravo Fleet and other groups. Stop by and check out the sim http://harbinger.split-world.com/index.php/main/index and make sure to say hello in the discord chat (Katy is known as Kalo there).

Welcome to TF99 and Bravo Fleet!

Intelligence Forces Join 93’s Ranks!

It is my honor to welcome the twelve simulation towards Task Force 93. The unit, designated as Delphi, under operational management from Earth-based Beta Quadrant Powers Section of Starfleet Intelligence, is designed to receive information from the SFI’s beta quadrant outposts; whether they be assets, listening posts, personnel in the field, ships and starbases. The unit will analyze information received and act as needed. The unit will also conduct its own operations within the purview and authority as allotted to them by Starfleet Intelligence. The base/unit is under command of Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf . Congrats and again welcome to TF93!

A New Sim Joining The Ranks

That’s right folks a new sim is joining our ranks here in Task Force 72 and Bravo Fleet, I would like to welcome Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Pierce who has taken the reigns of the USS Nomad an Excelsior – class Refit who will be placed in Task Group Hermes and will be operating in the Inconnu Expanse. I am excited to see the stories that the Crew of the USS Nomad will write. So please take this time to welcome them to the Task Force as well as Bravo Fleet.

Again, Welcome Lieutenant Commander Pierce and crew of the USS Nomad to Task Force 72!!!

We Never Stand Alone!

It is with great pleasure and pride to announce two new simulation to be added towards our wonderful Task Force. They will help us with their unique stories in the Raeya Transit Corridor and aid us with SCE support from close to Draken System. I would like to present the following simulations to you now, under the command of Captain Wyatt Hickerson ( Confusedfire ), Outpost Curtiss will be guarding our RTC entrance, support our ships, aid our troops at the Gorn borders and safe harbor the sectors!

This while we have Lieutenant Commander John Dodge in command of the USS Explorer that will aid the Raeya Transit Corridor in their need of support, help or any related conflicts!

I wish both welcome towards Task Force 93 and welcome towards their new commands, bring us wonderful stories!