We Never Stand Alone!

It is with great pleasure and pride to announce two new simulation to be added towards our wonderful Task Force. They will help us with their unique stories in the Raeya Transit Corridor and aid us with SCE support from close to Draken System. I would like to present the following simulations to you now, under the command of Captain Wyatt Hickerson ( Confusedfire ), Outpost Curtiss will be guarding our RTC entrance, support our ships, aid our troops at the Gorn borders and safe harbor the sectors!

This while we have Lieutenant Commander John Dodge in command of the USS Explorer that will aid the Raeya Transit Corridor in their need of support, help or any related conflicts!

I wish both welcome towards Task Force 93 and welcome towards their new commands, bring us wonderful stories!

Yes, TF99 Has Another New Sim!

Let me take a moment to welcome another new sim to Task Force 99 and the Exploratory Division, the USS Delphinus, a Constellation Class ship.

Everyone already knows her CO, the one and only greenfelt22 so we know the sim is in great hands and will be a big hit.

“Set in 2293, the USS Delphinus, freshly returned to the Klingon/Federation border with an inexperienced crew, responds to a distress call just outside the neutral zone. The call is found to originate from a Federation colony ship that laid roots on the planet shortly before the Four Years War. The Delphinus arrives to find the planet is succumbing to a strong ionization force, making life difficult on the planet surface.

As the storm is studied and decisions loom on what to do with the colony, the ionization reveals a long secret Klingon listening post on the opposite hemisphere. Though long removed from the drums of war, the lives of this small group of Klingons have become just as intertwined with the Federation Colonists, leaving the first real test of the Khitomer Accords in the hands of a crew unfamiliar with each other.”

Welcome to TF99!

Troops Are On Their Way!

It is with great pleasure and honor to welcome back orion74656 as Captain Axon Vendrest to our fleet. He will be commanding the USS Odyssey, a well-known name that has served our fleet for quite some time. Captain Vendrest will be aiding Task Force 93 in the Raeyan Transit Corridor to calm down the Romulans and help them to get their Empire back together! Again welcome back!

TF99 is Growing!

It’s my pleasure to announce Task Force 99 has another new sim, and in the NX Era no less! Welcome Lieutenant Commander Ben Isakov and the NX-04 Discovery! LtCdr. Isakov is played by long time BF member JP Saylor and he’s working on getting a site online and recruiting and I have a feeling Discovery will be active very soon and off on her adventures.

TF99 is now up to 16 Sims and 2 FanFics. Keep up the great work everyone, you’re all doing great!

Return of the Solstice

It is with great pleasure that I get the chance to welcome back an old face to Bravo Fleet and Task Force 9, QuodEroSpero has applied to once again command the USS Solstice within our Task Force and I look forward to his stories. He will be commanding the Solstice with Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes as his character.

TF9 XO Appointment

As you all know our previous TFXO Kai1701E has been promoted to be the Task Force Commanding Officer of 38. I wish him all the best of luck and know he will keep that Task Force great and make it even greater.

Ever since his promotion I have been looking for a viable replacement and most of the time has been spent deciding between some excellent candidates. After much consideration and conversations with others I have decided that JamesG is the best person for the job. Ever since becoming part of BF as a member of the Nogura James has shown a great attitude towards both simming and the fleet. As CO of the Vindex he has excelled and he has shown himself incredibly active on the fleet front. I can say that without him TF9 would not be the same. I look forward to seeing what he can achieve in this new role and am fully confident in his abilities.

James has decided to take on David Hutchinson as his Task Force Executive Officer character, he is hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore.

Some Announcements

I would like to make some announcements, first of them all is I have reached enough sims that I was able to split into Task Groups. Exciting right!?! but I have decided to do something different then the other Task Force’s in regards to those Task Groups. Now your wondering what have I done? Well I have closed the Command Group that usually only housed TFSS Sims, why would we be anymore special then the other sims in the Task Force? None so I have created two new Task Groups that myself will be in one and Moss will be in the other.

Task Group Athena: Will be for the Cardassian/Breen area and will have the following sims.

  • Roosevelt Station (TFHQ)
  • Deep Space 12
  • USS Bellona
  • USS Cairo
  • USS Dreadnought

Task Group Hermes: Will be for the Inconnu area and will have the following sims.

  • Carnwennan Station
  • USS Pandora
  • USS Hope
  • USS Hermes
  • Deep Space K-17

Now my second part of my announcements is I would like to welcome a new simulation into our Task Force family.

I would like to Welcome Reade (Nate) back to Bravo Fleet he has decided to come to Task Force 72 with a unique sim that I haven’t seen in Bravo Fleet. I am looking forward to the stories they will tell as a sim. Please lets welcome Reade who will be playing Captain Etan Kaz in command of Deep Space K-17 an old K-Class Starbase, that has been placed on the Tzenkethi Boarder. I am looking forward into the stories they could tell on this old station. So, welcome back to Bravo Fleet and choosing Task Force 72 as your new home.