Welcome to CAPT Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson, TFXO; FRM Line-of-Effort Update
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  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Rear Admiral Yewande Banda
      Providence Fleet Yards
 VIA  Arrivals, Behind the Scenes, Promotions, Task Force 93
  ON  January 1, 2389

Fellow Commanders and crew of TF93,

I am directing CAPT Ramsey to solely focus his efforts on the Gorn Theater. Managing crisis operations in the Cestus and Canterra sectors is priority one for this TF. To that end, I have appointed CAPT Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson as our new Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO). Welcome to the team, Nate!

I have also assigned the Free Romulan Movement (FRM) Line-of-Effort to CAPT Jackson, effective immediately.

Additionally, we have stood up an official outlet to receive further notice of HQ TF93 operations:

My staff and I will be re-examining our lines-of-effort and will give the latest update during our Operations & Intelligence Brief (O&I) this month.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Keep up the good work!



Yewande Banda, RADM, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 93

Congratulations to Leam-Mark, who commands the USS Excalibur, on his appointment to TFXO! You can reach him at Leam-Mark#1673 on Discord.

The TF Staff decided to make PFY an official sim so you can read about the IC happenings of our headquarters. We will be posting in the TF93 Forum though so you don’t have to check another site.