Task Force 99

Task Force 99 provides a simmer’s inventive spirit with the opportunity to explore, re-live, and create their own niche in the Star Trek universe. By focusing on the areas briefly touched upon and not brought to life on the screen, the games of 99 are unique and exciting.

Have you ever wanted to grow a story in a tiny aspect of Star Trek? Maybe you want to play as a Bajoran resistance cell living through the Cardassian occupation? Be lost in the Gamma quadrant on a Constellation class vessel? These are the kinds of games we invite to be created, nurtured, and played.


The infinite possibilities of Star Trek provides viewers with an opportunity to dream. The United Federation of Planets brings together a universe of diversity of species and cultures. Task Force 99 is the place for games that excavate new possibilities and gather the hidden treasure.

Are you ready to explore Simming as never before?

  • Exploratory: Games that take place between 2150 and 2299. This includes the NX Era, Discovery Era, TOS Era, and the Star Trek I through Star Trek VI Era.
  • Ares Division: Games that share a unified canon built off of Starbase 400’s Timeline.
  • Asteria Division: Games that don’t share a unified timeline or canon. These games can be set from the beginning of the 24th Century to the 25th Century and beyond. This includes the TNG, DS9, and Voyager Eras as well.
  • Trinity Operations Unit: Games that share a unified canon built off of the DFS Lavie’s Timeline.
  • Ulysses Group: Games that share a unified canon built off of the USS Venture’s Timeline.
  • Futility’s End: Games that share a unified canon built off of a post-apocalyptic Timeline.
  • Kelvin-Timeline: Games within the rebooted Star Trek ‘Kelvin’ Universe.

If you have any questions about joining an active sim in Task Force 99 or proposing a new one, stop by here or message Vice Admiral K’Temoc anytime!

Recruitment Spotlight

S.F.I. Delphi
Task Force 99 Spotlight Sim: SFI Delphi - Since moving to TF99, their unique sim has continued to be active with a strong post count. The CO has been active in TF chat and has been prompt with their reports as well. Great example of a fine sim!
The USS Hades is the first Discovery Era sim in Bravo Fleet, a Walker Class vessel in the Exploratory group. They are current recruiting for most positions.