Task Force 38

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl Sagan

In late 2388, Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev herself commissioned Starfleet Command to create a new unit with a mandate to seek out and re-establish links with the lost souls and last living remnants of Task Force 38 of the 4th fleet. The Task Force, assigned to The Round Table in the Delta Quadrant, had suffered a catastrophic attack by the Borg some months earlier. Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson was assigned to command this new unit, code named Project Outreach. Consisting of several Quantum Slipstream Drive capable starships, the project group would travel to the Delta Quadrant, make contact with the remnants of the Task Force and establish a new base of operations in a safer location. However, all did not go to plan.

Mid-mission, the group were forced to make an emergency exit from the slipstream conduit, completely unaware of where they would come to rest. Upon safely exiting the vortex, the lead ship of the group ascertained their location; sector 490 of the Delta Quadrant – nearly 100 light-years from the last known location of the Task Force. The project group traveled to the nearest inhabited world in search of aide, finding the enlightened telepaths known as the Kartelan. First contact was conducted successfully, their new friends more than happy to welcome Starfleet with open arms. Seeing an opportunity to secure a new safe harbor for his people, Admiral Hanson worked with Anya O’Connor of the Federation Council to negotiate a peace treaty with the people of the Kartelan Republic.

Soon enough, the Kartelan Protectorate Agreement was signed. Under the terms of the agreement, the United Federation of Planets agreed to provide protection for and render any means of assistance or aide to the Kartelan people. Starfleet agreed to help fortify and defend the Kartelan home system, but in return, the Kartelan agreed to provide Starfleet with a new base of operations. Starfleet would take control of the Kartelan Defense Outpost on the planets second moon which had laid dormant, abandoned, for nearly a century. Starfleet would resupply, refit and reactivate the outpost once it was fit for purpose. From there, the outpost would serve as Starfleet’s headquarters in the region, commanded by Admiral Hanson. The outpost would be officially designated as Starbase 38 and whilst adjustments to the structure and equipment in the Starbase was approved by the Kartelan government, it was agreed that in the event that Starfleet should withdraw, any Starfleet technology would be removed. As per the agreement, both parties agreed to share all intelligence of strategic importance gathered from the time the treaty was signed. This would include records of all Starfleet combat actions in and around the Kartelan system and any agreements with other powers.

It seemed like a wonderful agreement at just the right time for both parties… but was everything as it seemed?

You join the Task Force at a time where those lost in the Quadrant are isolated, alone, but those new to the Quadrant will strive to make contact and locate their missing friends.