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The DFS Lavie is a ship in an alternate universe in the far future (4566) following the exploits of Captain Yuka Layton and her crew as they work to bring peace to the galaxy and live their lives as part of the Federation’s Trinity Special Operations Unit which reports directly to President Hukari Carain.


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Captain Yuka Layton
Commanding Officer and Captain

Yuka is from the 21st century and due to a certain series of events ended up in the 46th century. After her brush with extreme culture shock from ending up this far in to the future she seems to think the future is out to get her. Her family was killed in a fire that also caused partial blindness; ITC's Medical Division replaced her eye but PTSD and depression symptoms are still a problem for her. She is dedicated to teaching RINZ about humanity. She was selected by Trinity and the Federations Executive Office to be the first fully trained Commanding Officer at her age. She was trained as a Delta Force Officer at Memorial Center's Training Facilities and her flight training was completed at Earth Spacedock.

Yuka's full bio is on the TNU wiki or the Lavie forums.

Played by Josh Hina

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Lieutenant Colonel Aidan Thornton
Executive Officer and Marine Commanding Officer

Aidan has a full head of dark brown/red hair due to his Irish heritage. There is very little on him that is excess and he works hard in the gym to keep toned. His skin is tan, getting darker when he stays in the field.

Played by Tugar

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Commander Sakura Carain
AMC Division CO

Sakura is one of the only living family members of President Hukari Carain. She is her cousin. Sakura is a skilled AMC pilot and has worked with Hukari for so long that she has gained skills in negotiation, leadership and being a good adviser. She use to work in Starfleet Security's Internal Investigations Unit which handled transfers to JAG personnel during investigations and assisted in those investigations. After leaving Starfleet Security she was trained by Dale Flint and qualified as an AMC pilot at the same time as Hukari.

Played by Josh Hina

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Lieutenant Lumi Trouve
Chief of Operations

Lumi is the former artificial intelligence of the DFS Lavie. She was given a human form and her AI self was transferred to a human brain by ITC's Medical Research Division. Due to the fact that she was once the ship's AI she has all the knowledge the ship's database had. As a result of this she has many equivalent degrees and could even be considered a medical doctor. Her physical appearance is that of a 26 year old. Her full bio is on the Lavie forums.

Played by Josh Hina

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Amiri Aldana
Chief Medical Officer

Amiri is a medical officer I have not joined a sim with yet. For now I am just putting hir here for fun.

Amiri is a hard working, well educated doctor in many varieties of veterinary medicine, as well as xeno-medicine. S/he had both Kazarite and Hermat parents that give hir, hir appearance and gender. Kazarites have a strong connection to all animals non-humanoid and humanoid. They are covered in fur, walk on their digits (like paws) and have a cute prehensile tail. Amiri's fur pattern is similar to a white tiger. S/he is a hermaphrodite and attempts to enjoy hir dual nature whenever possible.

Played by Vanth

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Civilian Kirin Dragmawl

Kirin thinks of everyone as equal to an extent depending on how there aura/personality would show depending on the situation that is at hand. If he senses that someone is being hostile to him he is not afraid to use his martial arts on someone with out hesitation. On the other hand if someone is kind and shows similar liking to the same projects and activity he likes he will show the same kindness back.

Played by sceptile403

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Ensign Ari Mizriki
Information Logistics Officer

Ari is a journalist from an alternate Earth who arrived in this time due to doing work for TSS without knowing about it with her lover Brandon. She acts as the ships Information Logistics Officer and assists command staff in investigations. She has an almost tsundere-like personality. She and Brandon are engaged to marry.

Played by Josh Hina

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Civilian RINZ-00

Hes a large reptilian creature forcefully turned into a cyborg weapon and he was disguised as a new prototype mech to hide the cruelty performed to him and his kind. He was touted as the next generation of mechs by the FSF. He escaped with the help of Yuka and now resides with the DFS Lavie's crew.

Played by momoss

Ensign Emily Martinez
Backup HELM

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: Slender woman with a light muscular tone.
Physical Features: No scars or tattoos.

Played by JL Galloway

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Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino
Pilot (Seeker)

Kiyoko was initially a pretty shy girl but a great tactician and really good as a pilot but as she got older she is less shy and more has become shoot first ask questions later. She was assigned to the Rigal AMC Operations Battalion in Task Unit 17 as a punishment for her giving her opinion when it was not wanted about the status of the government; as a result of this she has grown to be erratic in personality as she knows she is being punished for her “insolence” to quote her superiors.

Played by Josh Hina

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Elliot Huttlestone
Chief Engineer

Born in London, England, Elliot lived a rather boring and dull life. He always wanted to do something about his life, but he didn't know how to. It was only when he joined Star Fleet. Star Fleet gave him purpose, it gave him something to focus on. But he knew that he was always at risk. It was only when he joined Star Fleet he learned that the universe was a warzone. Either way, he accepted it. He worked through Star Fleet academy quickly, earning a spot on a small star cruiser. rather early on in his career. He earned the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade a few years later. He was given the position of Cheif of Engineering on the DFS Lavie when the ship was commissioned.

Played by GhostOfProtocol

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Communications Officer
  4. Chief Counselor
  5. Chief Strategic Operations Officer


Mission 6: Life Moves On; Yet Stays the Same
started April 9, 2017 and ended May 18, 2017

Mission 6; Part 2: What it is to be Human
started May 18, 2017 and ended September 1, 2017

Intermission 3: A Time for Laying Out the Future
started August 20, 2017

Pre-Mission 7: Exchange Your Future
started October 8, 2017

Mission 5: Why We Serve
started March 18, 2017 and ended April 10, 2017

Intermission 2: Take This and Call Me In the Morning...
started February 19, 2017 and ended March 18, 2017

Mission 2: Where ‘o Where Did Our Station Go?!
started August 19, 2016 and ended December 4, 2016

Intermission 1: Trials
started December 4, 2016 and ended December 9, 2016

Mission 3: Here Today; Gone Tomorrow.
started December 5, 2016 and ended January 29, 2017

Mission 4: Winter Wonderland; The Land We Wish Was Not.
started January 28, 2017 and ended February 18, 2017

Mission 1: New Experiences
started January 27, 2016 and ended August 19, 2016