USS Bellona

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“To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Since its formation, Starfleet has reached out into every quadrant of the galaxy with this idealistic mandate, but reality has not always matched the vision. There have been crises and wars, catastrophes and massacres, times when the definitions of right and wrong have been tested.

As the 2380’s draw to a close, tension on every frontier stands to test the Federation’s resolve. Emboldened after years rebuilding its strength, the Cardassian Union has begun to flex its muscles, invading the Breen Confederacy and continuing its push into the Gavarian Corridor. In response, its neighbors have mobilized, threatening a decade of peace along the Federation’s Alpha Quadrant border. Meanwhile in the Beta Quadrant, aggression from the Klingon Empire has reached a new high, the Gorn Hegemony has invaded and annexed a portion of the Canterra sector, and the Romulan Empire, still in seclusion following the Hobus disaster, appears to be moving again in the shadows. Even at home, conspiracy threatens to rock the core of Starfleet.

It is out of this darkness that the Intelligence Support Activity draws its mandates. Based off the USS Bellona, named for the ancient Roman goddess of war, the benignly named unit has one purpose: to walk quietly in the grey areas, to do the things that must be done, and to embrace pragmatism in order to save idealism.


Commander Jake Lewis
Commanding Officer

Commander Jake Lewis currently commands the USS Bellona, home to the Forth Fleet's Intelligence Support Activity. A pragmatist willing to bend the ideals of the Federation in order to protect them, Lewis is no stranger to controversy. During his early years with Starfleet Intelligence, he was known for severely bending Starfleet's fundamental rules, and more recently, he was in command of the USS Enigma when it was implicated in a tragedy that led to the collapse of Federation-Romulan relations in 2386.

Played by JonM

Lieutenant Commander Jeanne Lacroix
Tactical Operations Team Lead (Delta)

Commander Lacroix is the current team leader of the Echo TACOPS unit. With a history of black ops within the Federation, she has spent most of her career doing the things that neither Starfleet or the Federation would like to admit to but what they realize needs to be done.

Played by Alexander

Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Ph.D.
Temporal & Exotic Sciences Lead
Warp and Propulsion Specialist

Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Ph.D., currently serves as the Team Lead of the Intelligence Support Activity’s Temporal & Exotic Sciences Team. A scientist with a deep appreciation for the weird and wacky, Brooks is an unconventional pick for an intelligence operation. He was selected based not on his field aptitude but rather his unique background in theoretical physics, including academic appointments at the Daystrom Institute, the Vulcan Science Academy and the Manheim Research Facility.

Played by JonM

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Lieutenant Commander Samuel Moss
Chief Operations Officer

Played by Moss

Lieutenant Jenni Matthews
Chief Engineering Officer

Jenni Matthews is currently serving as the Chief Engineer of the USS Bellona, attached to Task Force 72.

Played by greenfelt22

Lieutenant Lisa Hall, Ph.D.
Chief Counselor
Psychological Warfare & Negotiations Team Lead

Lieutenant Lisa Hall, Ph.D., serves as the Team Lead of the Intelligence Support Activity’s Psychological Warfare & Negotiations Unit and as the Chief Counselor for the USS Bellona. A psychologist who specialized in enhanced interrogation, she worked as a private contractor for many years before finally accepting a job with one of her most frequent employers: Starfleet Intelligence. While her education qualifies her as a counselor, her background would not make her an obvious pick if not for the need to fill two duties with one person.

Played by JonM

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan
Chief of the Boat
Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Lead

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan currently serves as the Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Leader, with the secondary duty of Chief of the Boat, onboard the USS Bellona. His background is primarily covert operations as well as intelligence and counter-intelligence. He was originally assigned as the TACOPS Delta Team Leader, but requested the transfer to Surveillance.

Played by Fallon

Open Positions

  1. Second Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Assistant Chief Science Officer
  4. Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  5. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  6. Marine Detachment Commander
  7. Starfighter Wing Commander
  8. Chief Flight Control Officer
  9. Chief Communications Officer
  10. Chief Medical Officer