USS Columbus

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A prototype Galaxy-class Refit, the Columbus was originally scheduled for a ten year mission of exploration in the Delta Quadrant by way of the rediscovered Barzan wormhole. With this mission in mind, the ship had been rebuilt from the space-frame up: Bio-neural processors and circuitry, redesigned warp core and power distribution systems, prototype independent transwarp drive, state-of-the-art sensors, upgraded weapons, and an experimental axial phaser cannon. Near the end of her shakedown cruise, however, elements of Task Force 38 made contact with Starfleet Command via the Fourth of July nebula terminus of the wormhole known as the Epatha Gateway. Subsequently, Starfleet has a new task for the Columbus: resupply and reinforce Task Force 38. Now it’s a race against time to complete her shakedown, test her prototype transwarp drive, resupply for her mission, and pick up the supplies and personnel for Task Force 38, all before the next 15 minute transit window to the Delta Quadrant.


Captain Milo Tora
Commanding Officer

Former Chief Engineering Officer on the U.S.S Potemkin, Commander Tora has served the Federation for nearly 15 years. His career started in 2374 with a field commission in the Federation Marine Corps. He served with distinction during the Dominion War, participating in several major battles, as well as many covert missions with Starfleet Intelligence. In 2380, Tora opted to transfer to Starfleet, but retained a reserve commission in the Marines.

Played by MiloTora

Lieutenant Commander Lucien St. Cyr
Executive Officer

Lt. Cmdr. St. Cyr is currently serving as Executive Officer aboard the USS Columbus.

Played by Star_Geek

Ensign Auggie Waters
Chief Science Officer

A very deep and abstract thinker, August never appreciated the "boring side" of science, as he once said. He wanted to discover new ways to do things, new life to study, new civilizations to understand and communicate with.
As a result of this deep thinking, he is also very in touch with his emotional side, and can develop relationships very easily.

If people could describe Waters in 2 words, it would probably be "sweet tempered". Not very confrontational, August would rather solve a problem together rather than against each other. That said, what many people don't know is that August is highly protective, emotional, and irrational, if you get him angry... (Which is rather difficult to do)

Played by WillAx2018

Lieutenant Marcus Alexander
Chief Medical Officer

Marcus Lee Alexander is a medical genius. Having served as both a combat medic specialist and medical officer in Starfleet, Alexander is know as one of the top rising minds in the Medical Branch of Starfleet. Having transferred from his position as Medical Officer at Starbase 12, Alexander spent the last year serving on board the USS Polaris in para-rescue and search missions in deep space. Alexander hopes that his new position as Chief Medical Officer on the USS Columbus will allow him to save lives while exploring the new frontier of the Delta Quadrant.

Played by CaptainD

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Ensign Trey Landon
Engineering Officer

Trey is a by the books officer. Only having recently just graduated the academy he resents the prospect of disobeying orders or deviating from instructions in any way. He is talented, skilled, and a decent improviser when the need arises. He is slightly timid in personality even more so around superiors. He prefers to keep to himself

Played by DK

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Engineering Officer
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  4. Starfighter Wing Commander
  5. Chief Counselor
  6. Chief Strategic Operations Officer