USS Enterprise

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In the year 2389, the four quadrants of our galaxy became embroiled in a devastating conflict with the ever-dangerous Borg Collective – a cybernetic species hellbent on finally completing their objective; to add the biological and technological distinctiveness of countless species to their own and to make all cultures adapt to service them. They are the Borg and resistance was futile…

Over a decade later and the Borg are seemingly gone, but at an enormous price. The Cardassian Union is gone, the Klingon Empire has been reduced to a smattering of worlds, the Romulan Star Empire is gone without a trace and the unthinkable has happened… Earth has fallen and the Federation as we know it is gone.

Bajor, a world once conquered by a hostile foe, now plays home to many Cardassians, Klingons, Romulans and members from other species as a new Federation is born out of the ashes of the past. The last great bastion of hope, Bajor and a battered, old Cardassian space station pave the way for the rebirth of our civilizations.

But despite the events of years gone by, the survivors continue to argue and tensions on the planet have begun to rise between the different factions as unrest threatens to engulf the populace. Many are frustrated by the continued reluctance of Starfleet to hunt for survivors beyond the Bajor system. In an effort to unite their peoples once again, Starfleet Command has churned out the first of three brand new ships, a ship with a name to inspire a new generation but one that hails back to a bygone era. The Century-class USS Enterprise-F is the first starship to be launched from the Bajoran Fleetyards and, to a wave of great excitement planet wide, she marks the beginning of a new era, where the Federation can begin to recoup its losses at last.

But in the background, dark forces seek to destroy the Federation of this fledgling new era…


Captain Shelby Adams
Commanding Officer

Commander of the world famous USS Enterprise, Captain Shelby Adams faces the unenviable task of leading the post-apocalyptic Federation into a new era. The first starship to leave the Bajor system since the conclusion of the Borg War, Captain Adams holds the hopes of an entire galaxy in her hands as Enterprise surges forwards into the unknown...

Played by Kai1701E

Commander Jeanne Lacroix
Executive Officer

Commander Lacroix is the current team leader of the Echo TACOPS unit. With a history of black ops within the Federation, she has spent most of her career doing the things that neither Starfleet or the Federation would like to admit to but what they realize needs to be done.

Played by Alexander

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Medical Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Chief Science Officer
  6. Strategic Operations Officer
  7. Chief Counselor
  8. Intelligence Officer
  9. Diplomatic Officer
  10. Command Master Chief