Starbase Wake Island

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In the Gamma Quadrant, there is only one way home.  Task Force 9 are the Guardians of the Wormhole.  The Starbase Wake Island is Task Force 9’s emergency response team.  When the tough explorers and hardy individuals of the Task Force need a little back up, they call on the Wake Island.


This is not some backwater star base, just floating in space or guarding a merchant lane.  This is Starfleet’s most forward installation of ships and Marines.  Not content to sit back and be just a farrison, the Marines of the base go anywhere and do anything to protect the settlers, colonies and territories of the Federation as it gains a foothole on the far side of the Bajoran wormhole.


There are stories to be told, adventures to plan and epics tobe involved in.  Do you have it in you?


Commander Emily Brennan
Commanding Officer

Before coming to Starbase Wake Island, Brennan had a close working relationship with several SFMC units, inserting them regularly into hot combat zones as a part of her missions as a Tactical oficer. As she rose into command, she brought those relationships and understandings with her. First as the Captain of a vessel with a Marine Detachment and now in command of the Starbase ad it'saccompanying gunships and MEU.

Played by Qapla

Lieutenant Colonel Geralt Auzur
Marine Commanding Officer

Played by Reius

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Lieutenant Commander Reno "Renogade" Van Straten
Commanding Officer, USS Hornet

Reno Van Straten is six feet one inch tall, has fair hair and blue eyes. He is tanned, lean and athletic, with a well-defined face. He looks a couple of years younger than his age of twenty seven, a factor not countered by a narrow mustache and an occasional un-shaven stubble look. He has a ready smile and a relaxed manner.

Played by THX1188

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Chief Counselor
  4. Starfighter Wing Commander
  5. Chief Science Officer
  6. Chief Tactical Officer
  7. Chief Engineering Officer
  8. Chief Security Officer
  9. Chief Operations Officer
  10. Chief Flight Control Officer