USS Providence


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Lieutenant Commander Rick McGavin
Commanding Officer

Proficient Helmsman; Confident Commander; Handsome Devil?

Richard McGavin is a man, thrust into the centre seat in the middle of a crysis, with an unwavering commitment to keeping his shipmates together as they change and adapt to life in the future. Only stationed as a second officer, he was headed to be number one on his former executive officers first command. After completing a mission en route to Starbase L-5 the Providence encountered a spatial anomaly and was catapulted into the 24th Century. Now Richard fights to keep his crew together as they begin to adjust to a future they were never meant to see.

Played by beavercorp

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Lieutenant Commander Bob
Trauma Counselor (Communications Officer)

It is a sad truth that in a universe where time travel exists, so do temporal refugees. Such unfortunate people, barred from returning home as a result of the Temporal Prime Directive, often find themselves lost in a new time, grieving for their loved ones, doomed to live in a world like their own...but so very different.
When these refugees arrive, however, Bob is there to meet them. While many of his patients are often bemused to find themselves counseled by a Horta, a simple sentient rock, they nevertheless find his cheery mannerisms comforting. For many years Bob has helped temporal refugees, from the crew of the stranded USS Bozeman to the survivors of the long-destroyed USS Churchill. Now that the Providence has suffered the same tragic fate, Bob couldn't resist answering the call.

Played by Griff

Open Positions

  1. Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Helmsman
  4. Chief Science Officer