USS Devonshire

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The USS Devonshire is currently completing a refit cycle at Providence Fleet Yards and is assigned to Task Force 93 to assist with it’s multitude of objectives. A suitable loadout of modules is ordered loaded to support as many of those objectives as possible without any additional downtime to replace them after the Devonshire departs Providence. Due to the Gorn Incursion of the Cestus and Canterra sectors as well as the increasing tensions in the area of operations caused by the ongoing Klingon Civil War, a Marine Expeditionary Unit consisting of a combined arms battalion and two squadrons of fighters is ordered to be forward deployed onboard the Devonshire. To accommodate the MEU a type IV cargo/crew module has been refit as a Marine barracks and installed as well as a Type VIII hangar module for the two squadrons of fighters and their support personnel. The ship has been outfitted with both science and medical modules to expand her humanitarian aid abilities, as well as a colonization/evacuation module to assist in settling the Raeyan Transit Corridor or evacuating civilians out of harms way should the Gorn press further into Federation territory, or the fighting inside the Klingon Empire spills across the border. Two Type VI combat modules have been transferred from Utopia Planetia to Providence for the Devonshire’s use should further hostilities erupt. All personnel are ordered to Providence to begin boarding operations and finish preparations for departure.


Captain Michael Wilcox
Commanding Officer

Played by Fallon

Commander Francheszka "Frankenstein" Braxton
Executive Officer

A grizzled and scarred old Veteran, who became an officer the "long way around", enlisting in Starfleet as an engineering specialist, climbing to Non-Comm Chief, and then receiving a field commission thanks to the horrendous attrition rate during the Dominion War.

Some of her original body even made it through all that with her!

Played by ResidualRose

Colonel Adam Stone
MEU Commanding Officer

Played by Fallon

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Major Setir D'thols
Wing Commander

Current Position:
Wing Commander/CAG, USS Devonshire

Notable Achievements:
Marine Academy (2321-2325): Graduate, Valedictorian
Daystrom Award (2351): For advanced theoretical research and design in the field of multi-phasic arrays and emitters.
Star Cross (2367): For heroism and conduct above and beyond the call of duty while serving on the USS Princeton during the battle of Wolf 359 after the death of squadron leader.
Karagite Order of Heroism (2373): For heroism and bravery in saving the lives of fellow crew members by repelling attackers during the first and second battle of Deep Space Nine.
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

Played by NoxRaven

Captain Jordan Hale
Chief Intelligence Officer

Captain Hale was selected to be the Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Devonshire due to her knowledge of Starfleet Marine Corps operations and her expertise in the field of intelligence that would lend itself well to the planning stages of a Gorn counterattack.

Played by beeman

Captain Leo Corso
Javelin Squadron Leader

A Fiery and ostentatious interceptor pilot of considerable skill, Leo brings drive, flair, and ambition with him to Devonshire's Javelin squadron. from his early days at the academy he has shown tremendous potential, but also a penchant for flirting with disaster. It was down to this very problem that his seemingly bright career ended up getting off to a rocky start. Injured and cooling his heels at an isolated starbase, he had to claw his way back to command's good graces. And now he finds himself headed into a conflict zone, there is the chance to be a legend, or the potential for disaster. Will Leo be up to the challenges before him? Has his reckless nature truly been tamed? Can he learn to balance his ambition with the good of his squadron? Stay tuned to find out.

Played by Hackhand

Lieutenant CDubrovski
Chief Medical Officer

Caterina and her four miscreants, usually referred to as her children have just joined the Devonshire. having spent some time in hospital complexes in the Sol system. this will be the first time the children have been on a starship.

Played by CDubrovski

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Lieutenant Shaylin Brown
Chief Tactical/Security Officer

Played by Carde

Lieutenant Khaz Rien
Chief Engineering Officer

A sarcastic, dry-witted Bajoran woman, Lieutenant Khaz Rien is an accomplished engineer with a secret love for trashy romance holonovels. She's looking forward to the challenge of being the Chief of Engineering on a ship in an active warzone, and hopes that her best is good enough.

Played by keepitmythy

First Lieutenant Dekan "Dek" Kairox
MARSOC Squad Leader

A Special Forces Marine with a special psionic gift for detecting living things, he also sports Vulcan heritage giving him a strong body to match his sharp mind. Qualified through officer training school, after basic, he went on to special forces to complete pararescue trainning (special forces combat rescue medic). He now leads the Devonshire's MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) team, a part of the ships larger Marine contingent.

Played by Kevlarlollipop

Lieutenant Junior Grade Azdra Tuhl
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

The fifth host of the Tuhl symbiont, Azdra Tuhl, originally Azdra Prin, is a calm, level-headed doctor with a perfectionist streak a parsec wide. A relative newcomer to Starfleet but not to the medical profession, this is her first taste of any sort of commanding responsibility as the Devonshire's Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She wants nothing more than to be a worthy host, and the best doctor she can be.

Played by keepitmythy

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Ensign Larissa Lister
Chief Flight Control Officer

She is a very beautiful lady who tends to use her assets to her advantage. She loves to wear a tighter clothing then what you normally would see hating the standard look of uniforms. Off duty she always wears long flowing dresses that are tight on the upper body showing off what she calls her assets.

Played by Zyrell

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Counselor
  4. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  5. Starfighter Wing Pilot
  6. Marine Detachment Deputy Commander
  7. Master-at-Arms
  8. Chief Shuttle / Runabout Pilot
  9. Marine


Stomping Grounds
started January 6, 2018

The Devonshire isn't even out of space dock when its first mission arrives. Things are still confused in the region surrounding the Gorn Occupied Territories, the Devonshire and her crew are ordered to proceed at best sustainable speed to Xavier Fleet Yards, which was heavily damaged during the opening hours of the Gorn Incursion. Captain Wilcox knows the area intimately, having been born and raised at Xavier. Devonshire is ordered to secure the area and assist with cleanup operations.

Episode 0: The Calm Before the Storm
started December 1, 2017

As the Devonshire nears the completion of its refit cycle her new crew begin to arrive and set up shop. There are belongings to unpack, crew to meet, and systems to check before the ship departs for her first mission.