IKS yoH ‘avwl’

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The Empire has ignored the problems it is having from within, stating they are thriving towards peace and resetting its goals towards a better future for the Klingon people. However, some councilors do not agree with this moral statement. They neither want standby as the High Council follows a foolish vision that was imprinted by the Federation idealism. Did they not learn from their ancestor’s or simply ignoring it? The term of ‘We come in peace‘ has been the selfish will of these Federation dogs in the past. The old Klingons showed the Federation what happens if you push too far. They did unite the houses to thrive once again under one banner that became the proud Klingon Empire.

More and more rogues houses acted on their own, they needed guidance and that they received. The House of Targ has risen up from the ashes from disgrace and became the House of Si’tac. Their spark became a wildfire that spread over the northern borders of the Empire. The important great House of Darg that protected the borders at the Reayan Transit Corridor was ambushed and their starbase was taken over. The story of yoH’avwl’ begins here, where Othin Darg loses everything he was so proud of only to rebuild a fallen house.


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HoD Othin Darg

Born in one of the biggest and most wealthy houses in the Klingon Empire, Othin is the son of Da'tow Darg the lord of House of Darg. He has been taught the way of the Klingon by following all rituals, education and the fundamental understanding of the Empire philosophy and its neighbor's species. He is an honorable member of the House of Darg militia forces and leads a battle group with IKS yoH 'avwl' as its flag vessel. Othin is one of the main figures in the current Klingon Civil War in Bravo Fleet.

Played by BlackWolf