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Lieutenant Commander Remas McDonald
Commanding Officer

Before applying for this candidacy Remas was an officer of middling talent. This was more often than not outweighed his accomplishments with black marks on his record. But given the dangers of the Longjump Project, a Captain with the ability to think reckless thoughts becomes a merit, not a hindrance. As he is often want to say 'I have a wanders heart, and never do I know if it seeks to draw me to danger or opportunity'.

Played by jakesjet

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Lieutenant Tolkath
Chief Science Officer

Tolkath is tall and athletic, with classic male Vulcan features. Dark hair in the traditional style, dark green eyes. By human standards he appears much younger than his fifty four years and most would think him being no more than late thirties.
Tolkath generally presents the aloof calmness and emotional detachment characteristic of Vulcans. He is normally soft spoken and considers his words carefully. While his mental and emotional control is well established and he has purged extraneous passions, those who know him well believe him to have a dry and pointed sense of humor.

Played by THX1188

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Chief Flight Control Officer