USS Ark Royal

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“You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, and irrational fear of the unknown. There is no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.” James T. Kirk

With a name that lives into the twenty-fourth century, the USS Ark Royal is assigned to Task Force 72 of Bravo Fleet . Her continuing mission is to explore and understand that which is temporarily hidden; discover that which has not been discovered. Assigned to an officer with a troubled past looking for a chance at redemption, Commander Scott Parker takes the Ark Royal into the depths of the Alpha Quadrant.¬†However, the ship’s age and condition, though not falling apart, is not the beauty she once was. As such, her missions are geared more towards scientific research/discovery and diplomatic disputes. Confrontation is avoided as much as possible.

Her objectives are clear:

  • Establish a foothold to conduct exploratory, scientific and diplomatic operations within the Inconnu Expanse,
  • Protect Federation interest against internal and external threats, and
  • Continue vigilance along the borders of the Cardassian Union, the Breen Confederacy, the Ferengi Alliance and the Tzenkethi Coalition

We are actively recruiting! All senior staff positions need to be filled. Have a look around our Nova site and if you like what you see, submit an application.


Lieutenant Commander Scott Parker
Commanding Officer

Scott Parker is the average officer that has always aspired to be the best in anything he tackles. As early as his start in school, he has preferred to always be seen in the main spotlight, unafraid of showing off. At five foot and ten inches, he isn't the tallest in the room, yet he always felt as if he was and made sure everyone else felt the same. This trend in Scott's personality continued until his incident on the USS Fearless, 2386. After the deadly accident, Scott's demeanor completely changed. Following his rescue, court marshal, and year long hiatus, Scott prefers sitting back and not being the center of attention, accepting a drink over a handshake. His personal appearance has dropped from prestige condition to rather lackluster; but, is beginning to turn his life around once h

Played by Stone

Lieutenant Commander Blackford
Executive Officer

Ambitious, at odds with his captain, and driven to be the best, Blackford's assignment to the Ark Royal comes not from his own success but by the manipulations of others.

Played by Aaron

Second Lieutenant Gabrielle Sorenson
Marine Detatchment Commanding Officer

Gabrielle Sorenson is the Marine Commanding Officer aboard the Ark Royal, her first post out of the Academy. She had an older brother that was lost in the line of duty on his first misison.

Played by gabrielserrin

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Lieutenant Naresha Trepar
Chief Strategic Operations/Intelligence Officer

Played by pathofwrath

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Major Thomas Haliwell Jr.
Mission Advisor

Played by THaliwell

Ensign Laura Axinal
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Played by emilyred

Ensign Erica Solwick

Erica is new to Starfleet but has already tasted defeat. She was a teenager living aboard the USS Zodiac when the Borg invaded in 2383.

This action caused Erica to enlist in Starfleet after graduating high school.

Erica has a bubbly personality and loves to help others out.

She learned after the Omega Crisis of 2382 that she had a knack for being sympathetic and empathetic shoulder to cry on.

Erica enlisted in Starfleet in 2383, at the age of 16, with the approval of her parents and spent the last 5 years working on getting her Ph.D. in psychology and psychiatry.

Played by JL Galloway

Ensign Daniel Walsh
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Daniel Walsh is a Propulsion Systems and Computer Systems Specialist recently assigned to the U.S.S. Ark Royal.

Played by dwpatterson85

Open Positions

  1. Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer
  4. Chief Diplomatic Officer


Mission 0: Crew Arrival
started September 25, 2017

Commander Scott Parker, a young and flashy officer who quickly gained rank, prepares to take command of the USS Ark Royal. After having taken a year off due to the loss of his first command, the USS Fearless, and subsequent court-marshal, Parker is ready to take on the challenge of scientific discovery in the Inconnu Expanse. Docked at Roosevelt Station, located near the Breen and Ferengi Borders with Federation Space, the Ark Royal also receives her newly assigned senior staff. With only a shor