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On planet Bellatrix IV in the Bellatrix system, the Gorn had destroyed nearly everything, from the major city to the facility hosting the Marines Academy. From their ruin, the Starfleet Marines 107th Battalion are rebuilding both the SFM Revenant base and the surrounding colony.

The Marines will have to confront the resistance around the base as well as work with the Bellatrix IV Government toward peace and rebuilding their planet. They will also discover the Xavier Fleet Yards. Partly destroyed during raids made by the Gorn invasion and another mission, they will have to complete is both secure it from raiders and looters and repair it to deter the Gorn fleet from Federation territories.

Their mission will bring more than simple Marines; they will also need medical staff to heal the citizens of Bellatrix IV, Starfleet Engineering Corps for rebuilding both the planet infrastructure and the Space Station, necessary to use once again the Science Development infrastructure and dry dock.

The colony had been given three ships, the USS Augusta (Kelvin Class), the USS Karlskrona (Nova Class), the USS Perseus (Diligent Class). The USS Augusta will not be available until the 704th Starfleet Engineering Corps is able to rebuild the Xavier Fleet Yards and the Dry dock.

Open Top Position:

Chief Intelligence Officer

Engineering Officer

Marines: (In need)

First Sergeant

Drill Instructor


Lieutenant Colonel Victor Muirne
Commanding Officer of the Bellatrix System

As a human being, Victor is taller than many among his race, with a muscular body fit for dangerous missions that would need endurance and force.

A scar can be seen on his left eye, a mark he doesn't want the medical facility to even think of erasing, to make sure he remembers well enough what may be the price of failure.

Victor can sometimes seem cold at first glance, but still always try to get the best of every situation. When he has men under him, he tries to make sure that they give the best they can, to become perfect soldier with the best moral and training.

Played by Reius

Lieutenant Corinne Atworth
Chief Diplomatic Officer - Second Officer

Corinne Atworth is an experienced diplomat skilled in negotiating with cultures that value honor, toughness, and truth. Her specific background makes her ideal for high-stakes or unconventional situations, and she is often called upon to attempt final reconciliations in extreme circumstances.

Played by TaraTheBard

Lieutenant Colonel Mateo Ward
Marine Detachment Commander

"Ward is one of those guys you don't want to be on the wrong side of his rifle. He is a combat veteran and has seen a couple of wars in his life time, he knows what to expect on the field. I say that is a disadvantage for the enemy that is facing him, he knows tactical moves that were used in the old days when facing the Dominion, Klingons or even the Borg themselves. Ward is a friendly guy, a team player and I even consider him a blood brother as he has sacrifice allot on his way to the rank he upholds right now" Colonel Sahlaos Th'oshaaqot, Red Company, Marine Corps

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Acker Kather
Chief Medical Officer

Lt Acker served as a senior medical officer aboard Deep Space 9. She has been on the base through both attacks by the Klingons and the Dominion. Her initial medical training was on her home planet of Valo II during the occupation by the Cardassians. She attended Starfleet Academy and graduated with honors. Her first position was as a junior medical officer aboard the USS Defiance. She was transferred to Deep Space 9 prior to the attack by the Klingons. She continued to serve as a medical officer after that attack, and was still serving when the Dominion attacked and ultimately took over the station. She was promoted to senior medical officer after Starfleet retook Deep Space 9. She has recently been named as Chief Medical Officer at SFM Revenant.

Played by dizzyg1970

Lieutenant Jay Isolde
Chief Engineering Officer

A man whose eyes sometimes speak of a haunted past, but whose ready smile and cheerful demeanor quickly seems to banish such ghosts.  A veteran of both the Dominion and Chakilian wars, he is an expert in finding a way to make broken systems work again and stretch tight resources.  

Played by Isolde

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Tactical Officer
  3. Marine Detachment Deputy Commander
  4. Marine
  5. Chief Intelligence Officer
  6. Engineering Officer