USS Hawaii

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The USS Hawaii is tasked with providing security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism by Starfleet. Federation President Jarul Bezar commissioned the new vessel to help combat the Gorn invasion at Cestus and Canterra.

Providence Fleet Yards has completed construction of the USS Hawaii in compliance with President Bezars’s Executive Order and is ready to conduct her shakedown cruise to start patrolling along the interim Gorn-Federation Border near Cestus and Canterra.

We are always taking on crew. Feel free to look around and enlist if you like what you see.


Commander Akio Tachibana
Commanding Officer (CO)

Akio Tachibana was set to transfer to a teaching position at Starfleet Academy after his current command was decommissioned. With the invasion of the Gorn and the Klingon Civil War, he has been pressed into command once more as the Commanding Officer of the USS Hawaii, lashing together a new crew.

Played by beeman

Lieutenant Darren Marian
Executive Officer (XO)

With the slightest bump Darren touched the small shuttlecraft down in the docking bay of the USS Hawaii. After running through the shutdown procedure on the shuttle, he stood stiff-leggedly and disembarked onto the ship that would serve as his home for the coming months.

Darren looked his surroundings over appraisingly. The ship was without a doubt unfinished, but unmistakably new. Everything was shining, crisp, without the wear of lightyears upon lightyears of travel that could be seen on older ships, like his last assignment, the California.

But there was too much to do for now. He needed to meet the CO, meet the other senior staff. Get things in order. This was command, now. No more waiting for others to tell him where to go, what to do. This was his time to tell.

Played by DarrenMarian

Lieutenant Nimh Ahressa
Chief Operations Officer (OPS)

The way she acts, moves and speaks, one would brand Ahressa as a typical bajoran. Passionate, stubborn, argumentative with a big heart and desire to protect those dearest to her while fighting the badguy. She will speak her mind, often without preamble and restraint though she’s been seemingly lucky so far that she hadn’t gotten into too much trouble for it.

Nimh is despite that a hard worker and a loyal officer if she believes in the cause and the orders. If she does not, she will make attempts to rectify the situation and will stand her ground to the point of being thrown in the brig if needed. As a technical specialist, she has a love for programming and communications, especially decryption and electronic warfare.

Played by Kos

Lieutenant Zim
Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Zim Salmon has served in various positions within Starfleet, working in labs or on planet side projects. His inquisitive nature is not to be denied however, and he is seeking to land a position aboard a ship as a chief Science Officer. His actual shipboard experience is quite limited, but his academic credentials are outstanding. He has risen through the ranks on his merits, but his lack of shipboard experience has knocked him out of competition for the position he seeks so far.

Played by nim

Lieutenant Ren Kannu
Chief Flight Control Officer (CONN)

Played by ClaypoleSteve

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gee Thomas
Chief Intelligence Officer (INT)

Lt JG Thomas piled into the USS Honolulu along with a half-dozen or so other crew bound for the USS Hawaii, floating in dock high above the planet's surface. She was nervous, though she was trying to not let it show. Her duty assignment had gotten changed at the last minute from a small research vessel to the Hawaii - a Sovereign class starship, and one headed into the thick of things according to the scuttlebutt.

Played by nim

Lieutenant Junior Grade Deeli Kosu
Chief Engineering Officer (CHENG)

"Kosu? A Strange kid that is apologizing for everything and yet performs above her own grade sometimes. I tell ya that kid is a walking genius and should be part of Starfleet Corps Engineers. She got talent to become something, yet her social withdraw and not talking is something that needs professional guidance. Because if she doesn't socialize with the people, it might become a hinder for her development in becoming a better Engineer, don't know if she can get better already...." ~ Dean Susan Taylor

Played by BlackWolf

Major Terrance West
Commanding Officer, 3d Marine Raider Battalion (3MRBN/CO)

A marine with a history of special operations commands, West was a natural pick to plan and lead the initial stages of the ground campaign to take back Cestus and Canterra.

Played by beeman

Open Positions

  1. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  3. Starfighter Commanding Officer


He ho'omaka hou 'ana - A New Beginning
started October 30, 2017

The USS Hawaii is completing final construction in spacedock at Providence Fleet Yards as her crew arrives to settle in for the commissioning and shakedown cruise to the interim Gorn border at Cestus & Canterra.