USS Ascension

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In a task force you need a good mixture of starships, destroyers, frigates, light cruisers, explorers etc, however, one key element missing from 93’s arsenal and that is a carrier class. The carriers principal role is to provide the primary offensive firepower along with such classes as Heavy Cruisers and Dreadnoughts, while the other ships provide defense and support. The peacetime mission is to conduct forward presence operations, to help shape the strategic environment, deter conflict, build interactions with allies, and respond to crises when necessary. Missions include:

– Gaining and maintaining control including regions, choke points and open space.
– Protection of commercial and military shipping.
– Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR)
– Surveillance/Intelligence to achieve and maintain a comprehensive operational picture including relevant planets of interest.
– Establishing superiority or supremacy in an area by seizing and maintaining control of designated airspace.
– Operations in support of the peacetime presence mission, including supporting Starfleet diplomacy through cooperative engagement with designated allied forces, normal peacetime operations, and shows of force.

The primary storyline for the simm will be circled around the C’hakilian Empire and the Krazzle Republic. The Federation has all but forgotten about these now lesser governments especially in wake of the virus that was killing the C’hakilian Empire. With the help of Captain Murdock in 2381 a cure was found after losing a population of 4.2 million. C’hakilian’s have been using this virus as a smoke screen as they started to reclaim lost territories to the North and West, expanding from their five conquered races to seven. Tensions are raised between the Krazzle Republic and C’hakilian Empire, as the Ascension discovers a fleet of six Krazzle Republic starships were wiped out without trace within an unexplored region of space ahead of a meeting with the Federation at Karr.

Attacks continue between the C’hakilians and the Krazzle Republic borders as war threatens to breaks out bringing the USS Ascension right into the middle, can the Federation just standby and watch? With very few in the fleet that remember the horrors of the Federation and C’hakilian war, all eyes look to the USS Ascension to keep the peace in the hope Bravo Fleet Admiralty heed Ascension’s warnings as the C’hakilians look to break the terms of the Armistice .


Lieutenant Commander Roberto Dellucci
Commanding Officer

Roberto will quite happily spark up a conversation with anyone, with a happy and social persona about him. He uses this as a technique to deflect attention from himself, a subject he rarely talks about or likes talking about. He has also a keep interest in observing behaviours, watching for micro expressions or leakage of a persons true feelings. He founds it fascinating and continuously learning especially regarding non human behaviours.

Played by Ali

Lieutenant Hank Elrod
Starfighter Wing Commander

Hank joined Starfleet soon after high school, enrolling into Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Earth. As a student he was not a stand out, except he did display very exceptional piloting skills and in his final year as a cadet, pursued specializing in fighter type spacecraft. Upon graduation from the academy, he was ordered to a Valkyrie squadron at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, orbiting Mars, Sol. After three years at Mars, he was detached from his squadron to help system test the up and coming Gryphon fighter. Upon completion of these duties, he was transferred back to the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Earth, as an instructor in the Advanced Fighter School. He has since been transferred to the USS Ascension, to take command of the Starfighter Wing.

Played by Frank Gentry

Lieutenant Commander James Hood
Executive Officer

James is a very stoic yet outgoing character. He can enjoy a nice conversation with a crew mate while transforming into a calm and decisive officer as soon as the need arises. He takes his duties and service to Starfleet seriously but is not without his charms on and off duty. His background and stoic personality finds that he bottles up his emotions and does not find it easy to confide in people. Especially one's he has not known for that long.

Played by Hood

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew O'Daire
Chief Flight Control Officer

Matthew is an Irishman to the core. He shows it through his accent, amiable nature, and love of alcoholic beverages. Usually reserved, he opens up around close friends or over a pint of ale.
He's an excellent pilot, and and can fly anything from an old aeroplane to a Gryphon class starfighter to a dreadnought.

Played by Syr_Donahue

Major Dren Fyntar
Marine CO

The product of Angosian military bio-engineering Fyntar was once an elite, deadly and relentless soldier.
Following extensive de-conditioning most of these abilities have been removed. However, he remains a highly effective operator in any combat situation.

Has a wide range of experience, with over twenty five years spent in the military.
He requires a monthly inoculation to maintain his biological chemical balance and counter the carcinogenic effects of the de-conditioning treatments. Additionally he has regular counseling sessions to aide his ongoing psychological recovery.

Professionally he is a solid leader, however in personal relationships he still suffers the residual effects of Angosian physiological conditioning and can be almost Vulcan in dealing with his personal emotions.

Played by THX1188

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Starfighter Wing Deputy Commander