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Based in the area of space surrounding Starbase Unity┬áin the Idran Region of the Gamma Quadrant, the Vindex and her crew are now tasked with exploring the unknown space around the starbase we call home. It has been a rollercoaster ride for the Vindex‘s crew so far, but with The Consortium threat ended and peace finally returned to the Idran Region, we can be the explorers we signed up to be.

Come and join us on our new adventures as we seek to discover the unknown, visiting those strange new worlds, making new friends and forming new partnerships along our way across the Gamma Quadrant.

Task Force 9 Sim of the Month: June 2016, October 2016.
Bravo Fleet Sim of the Quarter: Winter 2016.
Bravo Fleet Sim of the Year: 2016.


Captain Claudia Ainscow
Commanding Officer

Claudia is a very positive and forward looking person who enjoys life. She likes to lead by example and sets a number of standards she likes to be met - although Claudia firmly believes that everybody has their own abilities and doesn't feel aggrieved if people make mistakes.

Claudia is a friendly and welcoming person who will always leave an open door to her colleagues. She firmly believes that people deserve a second chance no matter what they have done - and Claudia will never give up on a lost cause.

She is always open to ideas and will happily admit if her own ideas aren't as reasonable or practical as those of other officers. Claudia's decision making is always based on taking everything into account before taking a decision.

Played by JamesG

Commander Akiva ben-Avram
Executive Officer

Akiva ("Kiv" to his close friends and family) is relatively tall and lithe for most Hebron colonialists. His dark Semitic features complement his melancholy demeanor. A career of hands-on work has kept him in peak physical form.
He has recently become a new father of a sort with the development of a "next-gen" synthetic android through bioneural circuitry and cutting-edge molecular cybernetics. Biynah, as he named her, has become like a daughter to him.

Played by wizardbeard

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jaya Maera
Chief Counsellor

Jaya is tall and willowy for a Deltan, but still smaller than the average human female. Her dark eyes and supple features stand in stark contrast to her bald scalp. She carries the typical Deltan dry wit beneath a nuanced veneer of aloof sensuality. After fleeing an awkward suitor on the USS Renown. Jaya is more reserved than ever. Her duties as counselor are among the only personal contact she allows herself.
Although not as telepathic as Vulcans and Betazoids, Jaya shares in the empathic extrasensory perception inherent to her race. She swore the Oath of Celibacy like all Deltans in Starfleet, which makes her feel it necessary to place walls between herself and others lest she lead them into infatuation. Despite the ability to share the feelings of others, Jaya often feels alone.

Played by wizardbeard

Lieutenant Kazyah Linn
Chief Intelligence Officer

A man who remains calm, cool and collected, Kazyah is the type of person who thinks before he speaks and is very good at keeping secrets. He does his best to suppress his emotions, but his guilt over killing his sister is always living just below the surface. Kaz refuses to make an emotional connection with people, preferring to keep everyone at arms distance. He is elusive and quiet, but can be authoritative and commanding when needed.

Played by orion74656

Major Storr Garlake
Marine Commanding Officer

Storr is a sparkplug with features easily belying his Dutch Afrikaner heritage: Thick, broad shoulders; a square face and jaw; and a sinewy frame. He keeps his full beard closely trimmed and wears his hair in the stereotypical Marine high-and-tight (though usually longer on the top). Storr always endeavors to have his uniform crisp, boots shined and be well groomed, as he feels his outward appearance is the first (and oftentimes only) impression one is able to give of their inward professionalism.

Played by RTR

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andromeda Lightfeather
Security Officer

Andi is currently a new member to the USS Vindex as a Security Officer, so currently, this is where her story begins.

Played by Andromeda Lightfeather

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer


Season 2 (1 episode)
started May 13, 2017

S2E1 - Secrets (May 13th '17-present)

Season 1 (6 episodes)
started June 1, 2016 and ended May 15, 2017

S1E1 - Booby Trap (Jun 1st '16-Nov 5th '16)
S1E2 - Unity (Oct 23rd '16-Jan 1st '17)
S1E3 - Operation Adrestia (Dec 31st '16-Jan 25th '17)
S1E3.5 - Interlude (Jan 20th '17-Feb 9th '17)
S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause (Jan 30th '17-Mar 22nd '17)
S1E5 - Unknown Territory (Mar 22nd '17-May 15th '17)