USS Triton

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The USS Triton is under new management, we’re doing our best to get her out of drydock and back into the fight as soon as we can. In the meantime we would like to invite you to take a look at our manifest. We have plenty of open positions including senior staff positions. Perhaps the Triton can be your next adventure too!

We are currently seeking officers for the following senior staff positions:
– Chief Operations Officer
– Chief Engineering Officer

As well as many other positions

Welcome to the USS Triton NCC-80106, The Triton is a Luna class vessel, Starfleet’s newest-generation long-range explorer. A vessel designed for a long-term multipurpose mission into uncharted space. Our mission: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.

Much like the famous adventures of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, we explore the unknown. Charting star systems, exploring strange phenomena, investigating newly discovered planets.
The Triton aims to offer something for everyone, though scientific research is important and highly interesting, it can also be dangerous. The crew may find themselves under fire while investigating some ruins, or require a savvy engineer to bypass a nonfunctional power system. Perhaps your diplomatic skills will be put to the test after discovering a new species whilst exploring or your expert piloting will save an away team from a dangerous atmosphere.

Recent events have locked off the USS Triton and the rest of Task Force 9 from the Alpha Quadrant. The Consortium thinks Starfleet has gone soft and seeks to destroy Starfleet’s presence in the Gamma Quadrant. The Triton, along with the other loyalist forces must hold out and fight to take back the wormhole!

Luna Class USS Triton is a Rated 16+ Nova Based Star Trek Sim and a proud member of the Bravo Fleet family attached to Task Force 9.

Come join the adventure today!


Commander Scott Kenway
Commanding Officer

Scott is a no nonsense kind of guy, he keeps cool under pressure and approaches most situations with a fair amount of logic. He is a natural leader who is not quick to give in when he knows he's right, whether it is an ensign or an admiral on the other side of the table.
Although he cares a great deal about the welfare of those under his command, he can come across as cold under certain circumstances.
Having a background in Security, Scott likes his ship to be prepared for a multitude of situations and operating efficiently. He aspires to build up a fleet of his own, starting with his own command.
During his off hours, Scott enjoys cooking, training with and learning about various weapons, listening to music and 21st century history

Played by Jeffero

Lieutenant Commander Jamie Islengard
Executive Officer

Jamie is fairly slim, and of average build, with bright blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

Played by James_Kaz

Lieutenant Grayson Jones
Chief Engineering Officer

Grayson is a tall and athletic man. There are signs on him though which show his love for sweeter foods. His hair is usually in a messy style, on purpose. He swears by the out-of-bed look which still falls within Starfleet code. His shoulders are more broad for someone of his height, adding to his slim silhouette. Being a mix of Trill and Human his spots are less pronounced, to the extent they are almost invisible unless you look closely in certain areas. Grayson is the fun playful type who is always getting up to mischief. His friends know him as the bubbly, loveable prankster. Grayson has always been a warm and approachable person; he is everyone's best friend as people quite often open up to him. He is the current Chief Engineer for the USS Triton.

Played by trekalex

Lieutenant Khaiel Nakai
Chief Medical Officer

Thin, delicate features. Wiry. Tall for a Rihannsu, but not imposing. Striking blue eyes.

Played by Bastian

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Lieutenant Carrie
Chief Security Officer

Carrine is aloof and random. It goes into making her personality seem very energized. She has the ability to easily make friends and to make people want to speak to her.

Played by carrinehalstead

Lieutenant Junior Grade John Fitzgerald
Chief Flight Control Officer

Played by malcomharrison7436

Ensign Shaar
Chief Science Officer

Almost by accident, he's been passed off to his new CO because the man owed someone a favor. Now the crew of the Triton has to put up with this kid...

Played by Aaron

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Engineering Officer