Carnwennan Station

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It has been two decades since the end of the Dominion War. As a result, the peace between all sides has been maintained in the time since. Following the end of the war, the Federation has undergone a massive rebuilding process and has emerged as the strongest leading presence in the alpha and beta quadrants. This peace was destroyed following a devastating natural disaster that has scattered a once proud people!

Power has been shifted and peace is hanging by a thread in the Alpha Quadrant. Along the eastern border of the Federation, there is are new factions being made every day.

Carnwennan Station is a Presidium-class that sits between the Tzenkethi and the Talarians granting passage along the Carnwennan Corridor to the Inconnu Expanse.


Major General Paul Potter
Commander, Carnwennan Sector

Paul Potter currently holds the rank of Major General while holding the billets of Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force Seventy-Two and Commander, Carnwennan Sector.

Played by Moss

Commander Wade MacHugh
Deputy Commander, Carnwennan Sector

A young officer from a recently war-torn region, he is the sort which strikes many as hard to pin down. A firm holder of the Federation's basic creeds he is none-the-less the former child of an extremely xenophobic world where he was never allowed to feel at 'home', and where his tendency to be skeptical, investigative, and defensive began. A former security department head, his skills will be no-doubt useful to himself and the rest of the crew of Carnwennan Station in the days to come.

Played by Warr

Major Jinral Ptolomeu
Chief of Staff

A medium height darker skinned Klingon woman, she is oten most comofortable in more traditional Klingon dress but maintains her appearance when on duty. She is brown haired and almost always carries a dagger on her left hip.

Played by Qapla

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Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin
Carnwennan Corps of Engineering Liaison

Played by Shannon

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Lieutenant Scott Miller
Director of Security

Played by Brent

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anvers
Chief Medical Officer

Played by anverstrask

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chase Topekaski
Commander, Air Wing

Chase is silent and introverted, preferring the confines of a Valkyrie starfighter to the bridge of a cruiser. When he applies himself, Chase works very hard, never giving up on what he is trying to accomplish. That is, when he applies himself. He has a tendency to procrastinate until the last minute.
He is very quiet and thoughtful. This helps him to come up with a means of solving whatever problem he is faced with, but also causes a slight aversion to the physical presence of other people.
He aspires to get over this aversion and to become more outgoing, in addition to becoming an ace fighter pilot like those of the 20th century.

Played by Syr_Donahue

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Marine Detachment Commander
  4. Chief Science Officer
  5. Chief Strategic Operations Officer


started December 6, 2016

Since 2378, the Carnwennan Sector has been in disarray since Federation closed Carnwennan Station. That has changed since Task Force Seventy-Two's mandate to explore the Inconnu Expanse. However, it will not be easy for the Federation to take a strong hold in the sector since the sector has become rife with pirates and the black market. Personnel assigned to Carnwennan Station have been charged with bring order to the chaos.