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The USS Redguard is a Star Trek Play-by-Discord Roleplaying game set in the post-nemesis Trek universe. As a proud member of Bravo Fleet’s Task Force 93, our mission is to carry out covert operations that can need to fly under the radar and away from public opinion.

Game times are Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat from at 5-7PM MST 

** Discord is required for gameplay

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Fleet Captain Marc Davis
Commanding Officer

Although looks have never been one of Davis's most important priorities, he has always felt that it was the duty of any marine and officer to look his best. Standing at only six foot one and weighing 210 lbs, Marc knew that his height and weight ratio where perfect for a marine and officer. Despite normal regulations regarding facial hair, Marc has always had somewhat of a beard to add to his facial accent. Besides that, Marc has no scars or tattoos of any sort, somewhat of an accomplishment for him because of his history.

Played by Adam

Major Reius Rothschild
Executive Officer

At 6'1'', fit and with a muscular body that been through hell and above after years of combat and training, Reius look like a forty years old man while in fact he is not so far of the six century. As an El Aurian, as well as a Borg survivor, he is ready to do all he can do make sure to keep the vow he made years ago. Retrograding himself to the rank of commander after serving for nearly thirty year as a Marine's General only to be able to go back to service, it would not be the first time nor surely the last he would do something like this to go where the action is.

Played by Reius

Lieutenant Candor Manex
Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer

Candor Evatha enjoyed a privileged upbringing on Trill, thanks to his parents' wealth and influence. The Borg incursion of 2368 left psychological scars and were reignited during the incursion of 2373. in 2374, Candor applied to Starfleet and the Trill Symbiosis Commission simultaneously, and was surprised to be admitted to both. However, his nagging fear of the Borg - what he felt represented the very opposite of a joining - convinced him to dig in and work as hard as he ever had to become joined as well as become an officer. He graduated from Starfleet in 2379 and was joined to Manex in 2380. Manex provided a more structured analytical outlook that brought Candor to the field of Operations. Candor continues to find the balance between his love for new tech and fear of assimilation.

Played by JT

Lieutenant Cara
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Human Scotsman by birth, prodigy specializing in Tactical Theory and Application and Analysis of Stratagems and their Implementation. Ace pilot. Terrible shot, and the exact opposite of a light weight.

Played by TheChodFather

Ensign Tom Bakk
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Thomas is a tall man, standing at 6'ft, with his mass being pure muscle form years of training. He keeps his black hair professional, a short military trim. His face was always clean shaven, the only time it would ever be not shaven was while out on a mission. He has a few scars, though none are visible while in clothing.

Played by Bocc

Ensign Deeli Kosu
Chief Engineering Officer

"Kosu? A Strange kid that is apologizing for everything and yet performs above her own grade sometimes. I tell ya that kid is a walking genius and should be part of Starfleet Corps Engineers. She got talent to become something, yet her social withdraw and not talking is something that needs professional guidance. Because if she doesn't socialize with the people, it might become a hinder for her development in becoming a better Engineer, don't know if she can get better already...." ~ Dean Susan Taylor

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant T'Liana
Chief Science Officer and Counselor

T'Liana is a half-Vulcan, half-Human Chief Science Officer and Acting Counselor of the USS Redguard specializing in exobiology, exopsychology, and astrophysics. While her performance is an exemplary, she has a dubious service record - and a history of intelligence gathering for Starfleet. She is 5'9'' tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Typically presenting a pleasant demeanor, many find it unsettling to see an occasional smile on a Vulcan.

Played by TaraTheBard

Ensign Adeline Bell
Chief Medical Officer

Height: 5'
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Wavy Long Brown

Played by Jcutie4ever

Ensign Charlie Baker

Charlie is a recent graduate of Starfleet Academy, and the USS Redguard will be his first tour of duty as a commissioned officer with Starfleet Medical's Nursing Corps. A fastidious professional, Charlie finds fulfillment in his chosen career field and is dedicated to his work. He's a compassionate practitioner, whose quirky personality traits and obsessive compulsive behaviors can serve as endearing qualities or grating character traits.

Played by swedenboi6

Kon Xikax
Chief Intelligence Officer

A young Romulan Half-breed, who escaped the Tal Shiar teaching.

Played by Xiaoyu

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Operations Officer
  3. Security / Tactical Officer
  4. Engineering Officer
  5. Science Officer
  6. Counselor
  7. Intelligence Officer


S1E1 - Counter Terrorism
started August 5, 2017 and ended August 26, 2017

Starfleet has uncovered plans of a newly formed Romulan terrorist organization near Eden in Romulan Space planning on carrying out attacks against Federation ships in the Raeyan Corridor. Task Force 93 has assigned the Redguard to investigate this organization to ascertain the validity of the threat and to potentially neutralize the organization before any attacks can be carried out. Going behind enemy lines, the crew embarks on a mission that can spell disaster for the quadrant, especially when