USS Altai

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Lieutenant Commander Osegan Trenna
Commanding Officer

Played by pathofwrath

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Chris Jones
Executive Officer

Chris has always been a very modest person, consumed with a passion for perfection in his actions but always too humble to take first place when another wants it more. He is known for his calm, often expressionless demeanor and gentle gaze that simultaneously comforts and mystifies. He prefers to be the wall flower, the silent participant in a conversation, more interested in studying the words of others than filling others ears with his own. As for his time spent as an Executive Officer, Chris has always chosen to lead by example and tends to promote leniency for simple “learning” mistakes in all but the worst grievances. He wants the people he works with to view him as approachable, not the revered titans that other XO’s and CO’s have been famously known for. At the same time, he demands

Played by Stone

Lieutenant Commander Artie Talbot
Chief Engineer

Arthur "Artie" Talbot is the Chief Engineer of the USS Altai.

Played by greenfelt22

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Tactical Officer
  3. Chief Security Officer